December 29, 2008

Red journal of feelings.

Looking back upon it now on what I've written in this red journal of mine, I relive 2008. It was a gift from Zack for my 13th birthday. So wow; it's already been more than year since I got it. Confession: I haven't written in it every day or anything, and I went a few months just reading the message and never attempting to write. Then what I did manage to jot down at first hardly seemed interesting, then it picked up, then it faded. Reminds me of the pattern of the tides: high tide, low tide, high tide, low tide. All four in one day. But it is something I will forever cherish. And perhaps will be more involved with again.

I made an entry today that signifies the end of a chapter in my life. I titled it 'My Apologies' and it ends with the phrase, 'So I'm letting go.' I'm ready to start the new year. I'm more than ready to set out some resolutions, then write them down, never to be forgotten.

I think that'll be good. Plan out some direction for my life. If I have my eyes set on being a photographer or a photojournalist, why wait to learn the tricks of the trade? My dad went out and bought photoshop for me today. He also got tennis rackets, silently implying he wants to go play at a local park. I suppose it would be courteous to appease him.

My brother has borrowed my hair-dryer to dry a shirt of his. Waaa? He's leaving the bathroom without returning it? Great; I'll go fetch it eventually. What a meanie! He just walked in and peered at me--empty handed. Bah.

Sometimes having hours of not doing anything is bad. A new hobby of mine is to go onto youtube and watch all these reviews on things like movies, cell phones, ipods, etc. What annoyed me though was some people's poo-pooing of the 3rd generation "fat" ipod. I happen to like mine a lot, thank you very much! :p And yes, it's quite possible I have gone completely mad.

I think I'm going to install photoshop, now. Later.

Note to Zack: If that's the impression you got, okay, but in my view my Christmas was only mediocre. I've seen better. And that's awesome. Hope you're having as much with it as I am.

December 26, 2008


I got a sheep for Christmas. Oh no, not a real wool and all sheep. [Though that would've been cool, too.] Just a small plush sheep made in China filled with 100% Polyester fibers. I wanted to name him Gary, but that's the name of the sheep on that one wicked pair of converse! Ack, dilemma. [Wow. I said 'sheep' four times.]

Anyway. My Christmas was dandy, I suppose. Merry Christmas all! Even if it a little late, I mean it all the same. I've already read most of your guys' blogs to see how things were for you. I was just too lazy and unfocused to write one myself. Shame shame, erm, you know my name? And you might've thought it was because I was having too much of a blast. Well, that's only partially true. I played Rockband 2 with my brothers quite a bit and ran around like a lunatic after I had a puke-ish feeling most of the morning. [No, it wasn't because I ate three or four or five--okay, SIX--cinnimon twists/buns.]

My dad got his big-deal present: an ipod touch. Yes, he's been attached ever since. I could tell he was trying to redeem the previous five hours he had spent pre-occupied with it by joining the band and rocking past midnight. [I think our neighbors will still talk to us.] Turns out my dad fails at drumming.

As for me? Eh, besides my lovely sheep who is watching me as I type this [wait, he/she has their eyes closed! What's up with that?] I got a thing for my ipod so I can wake, sleep and charge it. That way I can set it to wake up to music. Ha. I remember I had my boombox set to play "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" but lord knows if I could find the CD it would play from. Plus I got three really pretty Scotland calendars and then an Art from the National Gallery desk calander. That's always helpful. What else...oh, ha, a Finding Nemo game boy advance game. My mom got it free or something at Toys R Us and thought I might get some entertainment value of it. I tried it for five minutes and died. How pitiful.

Mmm, I'm still thinking. My brother as his present to me is taking me to Target [I got a giftcard to there from my grandparents] and then out to lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Man, we spent so much of our earlier youth bickering and fighting almost all. the. time. Maybe we've just reached ages we have mellowed out? Huh, not sure.

Ooi! I also got these super soft socks, [I coulda made that a tongue twister] this pencil/keyboard duster with pandas on it, and a how to guide on photography. Yep, yep.

Ahh, I gotta start getting ready to go.

Peace out.

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December 22, 2008

This isn't right. No, not at all.

It's been more than a few days of this putrid cold. I wonder if I got it again somehow. *goes to wash hands*

I swear this is going to turn me into a germ freak. Not a clean freak. Well, is there a difference?

My day was lacking adventure. The breakdown of its uneventfullness, if you so care:

Wake up to the phone ringing and needing to use the bathroom.
Sleep a little while longer.
Stuff a thosand tissues in my nose.
Play Animal Crossing DS.
Take medicine.
Drink chocolate milk and eat my breakfast, a mini strawberry bagel.
Convince my dad to put up some Christmas lights [with the my help.]
Almost freeze into a popsicle outside.
Talk to my brother and annoy him oh-so badly.
Listen to music.
Play some more Animal Crossing DS.
Play games on [Kinda fun.]
IM with Nikki.
Sit around with tissues still up my nose.

I was going to wrap my dad's present. Alas, I'm so lethargic and have yet to.

I believe there's a Subway meatball sub I could eat for dinner. I need to find a tangelo to eat, too. An unsweet "cutie" clementine just won't do. Then assorted family members will watch Traitor? Perhaps once other brother is home from his party.

[I need a blanket and ice cream.]

P.S. Zack: Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you...

December 20, 2008

But I deserved it.

I just read the book Boot Camp in the past two days. Quite intriquing in an odd way. I was skeptic towards it first considering my history of checking out the randomest ane foulest books from our school library. I've told Annie about it and my choices really have been laughable. Like The Nature of Jade about a girl who went and visited the elephants to get away from panic attacks, but then starts seeing this guy named Sebestian who lives on a houseboat. That was just terrible.

On to that guy, Will. Eh, I'm still unsure. When I talk to him there are no butterflies. Yes, I smile and feel kinda happy... I know, I know, this doesn't automatically mean I do/don't like him, but I can't seem to conclude if he has feeling for mwah. And though life as we know it won't somehow end if he doesn't in fact like me back, I think being friends might be awkward. The timing seems a little off. Perhaps I should wait a few more months and then dive head first into the deep end. Only seems reasonable, no?

Oh man, I am uberly pleased it is winter break. It will give me time to sort out myself without having to worry about schoolwork. I unleashed a lot of anger the past few days and I think what it boils down to is normal teenage crapola. Which I fancied I could skip. I've seen one brother go through it, and another nearing the final, and sometimes most brutal, stages. I feel like I have no room to complain or as my biology teacher acronyms, B&M.

Now I'm off to change into somehing perhaps a little warmer and take a nap outside. I hope my family doesn't mind.

See you.

December 18, 2008

Exclamation mark!

I know I deleted my other very recent entry. It was quite short, but I don't know if you happened to catch it. Don't bother now though--I deleted it. Not entirely sure why. However, there is some news I started to share: I like a guy.

His name is Will and he's very charming, smart, etc. And I'm going to "go for it." *chuckles* No, I won't bluntly ask the next time I see him, "do you like like me?" [Besides, who says "like like" anymore? Other than me apparently] or if I'm feeling really brave, "let's date." [Wow. Sounds like something a barbie would say. Yikes.] Nope, neither of the two but I'm going to try to befriend him even more, then go further. It's all kinda working through my head right now. He's an awesome guy, so what the heck? What's there to lose?

I think the answers nothing.

December 16, 2008

You win some, you lose some.

Got a 71 on my math exam today. No need for excuses--I got what I got. Thankfully my semester grade is a B. Which is going to have to be alright, too. I'm just so damn happy math it is out of the way, though. One final exam down, six more to go. I'm about to write my art essay then study for bio and English.

I desperately need sleep. I might even go to bed at like, 8, then have to catch my favorite show, "The Mentalist" sometime else. Or not watch it. I usually don't let TV dictate my life, well, hardly at all, it's just this one show. Ah, hell, here's the solution: I don't see it and learn to build a bridge and get over it. Simple as that.

Wow; I feel bitter and snippy. I remember having conversations about me being unpleasant to talk to when I feel this way. So does this mean the same for what I write in this mood? 'Cause in essence I'm talking, right?


I'll try to update when this school madness is over with, yet I have a feeling I won't be having this compy anymore or any one at all.

If I'm not back, have a good holiday(s). Be good.

You'll have stories to tell, perhaps?

December 13, 2008

Green eyes.

I attest, if nothing else, life is full of surprises. Whether they be good, bad, or somewhere in between. Who could've foreseen literally a few hours after I posted my last blog entry Nikki and I encountering Ethan and his girlfriend at the mall? He asked for a hug, and we gave him one. We were friendly to his equally as kind girlfriend. Her and Ethan love each other and hell, if he's happy, I've said go for it since day one. Even if consequently he "never had time" to keep up with our friendship, at this point, I've stopped worrying if he thinks of me, or if he's going to call back. But maybe it was intended this way? Maybe.

Yes, new font style. I kinda, sorta stole it from Marisa. [Shh!] The other one I had been using seemed a little too bland and hard to read.

I should be working on my re-do Most Dangerous Game literature essay-type questions for English. It's somewhat a punishment for those who did pretty well, but what's wrong with an opportunity to improve your grade? Not much, so long as your head isn't still ready to explode/implode/whatever. Thank goodness exams are next week and then it's 16 days of bliss. Oh, and that if I do amazingly on my math exam, I could end up with a B for the semester. Anything to lift my spirits is good. Especially since I'm sick, which is second behind being called "Lizzie Maguire" on the things I hate most list. :/

I watched Wanted yesterday. :D No other words necessary. Seriously; hehe.

Well, I really should part. Bacon and M&M'is are calling my name.
[And I suppose so is homework. Grumble, grumble. Pouty face.]

See yah.

December 05, 2008

Sleep deprivation.

The sun wasn't our friends, that's for sure.
But these are mine.
From left: Ethan, Dani, myself, Nikki and Zack. :]
Haha, I bet Zack doesn't like this one, [sorry if you don't!]
his hair looks's much longer and straight now.
Not like I ever talk to him or see him to know a difference,
yet Ethan has more facial hair now.
In fact, this was the last time I did see the kid. :p
But there's such a thing as myspace.
Nikki and Dani don't have braces anymore.
I've gotten rid of the glasses and darker hair.
Wow; we all look older.
It's hard to believe this was just a year and two months ago though...

I drew this as a beginning project in art.
It's of the famous painting by Georges Suerat,
"Island of La Grande Jette"

There hasn't been much time to relax this week. Why? Simple answer: procrastination. Horrible habit and I'd love to feel like I'm improving/breaking the habit [yes, that Linkin Park song sprung into my head, too] but perhaps I'm not. I'm just collecting these unattractive bags under my eyes. Though I am slightly convinced there is something else with burst blood vessels, 'cause I can sleep all day and eat well and they're still there.

Remember the guy I kinda-sorta but only somewhat stalked? Well Thursday I finally got up the nerve to talk to him. It was so awkward, though as I should've expected. Here's how it all went down.

I was getting in line for regular school lunch and noticed none other than bus-fascinating-guy in front of me. He kept looking around, obviously bored. [Or worried some ninja was out to get him.] He stopped for a second and I chose to bluntly asked, "Why don't you ever talk?"

Him: Uhh. *shrugs, then kinda smirks*
Me: Okay...
We move up in the line.
Me: I'm Lizzie. What's yo--
Him: Stephan/Stephen.
Me: Oh, don't you ride my bus?
Him: Do you ride ride bus number 1-2-2-6?
Me: *kinda smiling* Yes.

And that was basically that. i think it's best I just leave this alone. No such point in chasing after something I may never catch.

My word. I have this pounding headache. Making doing homework even bleaker. Gah. I think I'll take some advil and play Animal Crossing DS.

Good news: I'm going to see Twlight with Nikki this evening at the mall's theater. We should have fun. ^o^

Quote of the day [so far]:
"I hate people who hate people."
--A sticker I have had for a while.