February 28, 2009


We had pilates again yesterday in aerobics. I was a little upset we hadn't done anything else Tuesday through Thursday since our coach/teacher was out, but that's okay. No big deal. My turtles drawing is going to be entered in yet another art show that requires to have it framed. So I bought one and my teacher will install it and adjust the matting for it as well. I'm so happy! I won best of show at the last one it was entered in, plus a hundred dollars savings bond. Woot, woot. I completed my painted color wheel, too. It could've been better. Now I'm working on an intensity chart and on picking out a flower picture to paint.

Biology was boring. We went over questions to previous labs and our most recent vocabulary quiz. In history we did FCAT practice. AKA total blegh. We got out significance tests back the other day and I got a 103. Pretty darn proud of myself. I still await the paper 2 grade, which might not be good at all. We had a fiesta de cumpleanos in Spanish 1 as part of a test. We had a pinata [a purple Transformers one no less] cake, candy, and everything. Not quite a bunch of
fun, but a decent amount.

In English we were in the library doing even more total blegh. Only parts that made it interesting was one girl notifying me I'm double jointed due to being able to rest my hands on the table so my fingers pointed at me. [I swear it's just, if not more, comfortable than doing it the usual way.] And getting to sit next to Will for a short while. We were moving around to different "stations" where we had different refrence books and questions to answer. It was amusing since Will, sitting across from me tried to erase something and the whole table wabbled and squeaked. He waited, tried again and when it did, I swear he gave me the sweetest smile. Then he moved his paper and book off the table to write. I regret finishing that one so early, I could've given myself an excuse to talk to him more. Instead, I kept up at my own pace.

Yeah. I have a math story to write and aerobics to do. Next entry I'll post a picture, perhaps. Of what? That I'm not sure.

February 22, 2009

Too much.

Can you die from reading too much? I would think the answer is no. There are plenty of people who read the newspapers daily and haven't kicked the bucket due to that. But, who knows for sure? Are there scientific studies being held upon the subject, hmm? Oh, what silly questions I come up with sometimes.

I ask this primarily because I couldn't put the book, City of Bones, down and have since started another I had checked out, titled Avalon High. It's intriguing thus far.

My mom made deviled eggs yesterday in lieu of my being upset before my history project meeting. I appreciate everything she does. Everything she goes through to make sure I'm happy and safe. I feel guilty being mad at her when I'm ususally just mad at myself. I'm also mad at myself for deleting the entry "Right Now". I'm sorry, especially to Jedi Girl from A Nice Kind of Mean, if you were planning on reading or read it and didn't have time to comment.

I want to go to Scotland more than ever, despite people practically brandishing it with the image that guys walk around with kilts on 24/7. I think: sure, on certain holidays or time of the year they would, but it's not as though they don't own Levis. Maybe they were joking and I was taking it to seriously. Either way, I don't find it supportive of them and regret sharing my aspirations with those who find it amusing to criticize them, intentionally or not.

Anyway. I sound more bitter than I really am. Changeling was an amazing movie. If you've seen it and liked the acting done by officer JJ Jones, I recommend you watch Burn Notice, which stars the same actor. [It's on channel 39, or USA, from 10 to 11 pm on Thursdays.]

Ha, the new calgary verizon phone looks effin' sweet! :]

See yah.

February 20, 2009

Pilates: good for your bodies.

Apparently from now on, every Monday and Friday in aerobics we're going to do pilates. I'm quite flexible and have stayed so through dance the past two years, but I definitely still feel my abs working. I have good posture as well. Woot, woot.

We're working on a color wheel in art. It's pretty awesome, especially when I get so absorbed in what I'm doing I focus only on what color I'm trying to mix and/or how it compares to the example; that's it. I don't know if that's uncommon, but I've had acute focus the past couple of days. I seem to dissolve into my own sector out in space, and yet I'm still observant, just not while I'm working. Eh, perhaps I've always been this way, it just is more prominent lately.

In Bio yesterday to test our reflex time, the class stood in a circle holding hands, passing along a "squeeze". I slight tinge of jealous struck me when I realize Will was holding hands with two girls, (granted the three sit by each other) whereas every other guy was with another guy. I don't know what it would've mattered to hold his hand for the lab anyway. I'm more and more convinced he doesn't like me "like that" and I'm so bogged down at school I don't care. I'm apathetic. But see, at home I have tendencies to be hyper and giddy practically to the point of euphoria. I really don't understand why myself.

I'm relieved my history tests are done this week. Yeah, I said it, fineto. My history project group, consisting of Puja, Swanny and Anesia (pronounced: uh-knee-sa) is going to meet at the library tomorrow.

I'm going to head outside and read before it gets too frigid. Adíos.

February 19, 2009

You learn something new everyday.

I know now what it feels like to be demoted from good/best friend to merely a friend. I would say it stinks like rotten cabbage, but in this case, there's logic involved. It was more than probably the inevitable. I bet there's other truth behind this, which he need not divulge; we're friends now, nothing more. We can talk of the weather, but by golly if the weather is making me upset along with some other problem, I should take it up with a therapist. That again makes sense. It all makes sense. It all is quite fair. I can't muster up an arguement. (Not like I'm much good at that anyway)I'll just go with the flow...

February 16, 2009

Inside this sad, sad song.

I don't like waking up from solacing dreams into this wretched, living nightmare. If it was practical, I would sleep forever. Alas, I have work I should be doing. I'm pretty sure I can finish all my math homework/studying tomorrow morning, but I have an English worksheet for Animal Farm due who-knows-when and a history glossary. None of which are extermely difficult, just time consuming. Lazy bum Lizzie would rather play this PC game, Safecracker, with her brother, even if they get stuck on every other puzzle. I think I need to make a compromise. Hold on, I want more water. Backola.

I fantasized I'd try to go out and buy interesting art supplies at this new store relatively close by using the public transport system today. No dice. I'm going to need a new sketchbook before too long, though. I think it's about time I also organized a specific place in my room to carry out my art projects. My desk would create a good spot, save all the stuff (mainly books and papers) piled atop to the one side. Erg, there's a lot I should do to improve my room. Perhaps something I can accomplish by the end of spring break, which itself is still a little ways in the future?

Who knows.

February 15, 2009

Just let go.

I feel so full of life.
I think it was silly of me to quit wanting to be a photographer.
I can't wait until we start painting masterpieces in art, but we must start with the basics.
I miss the vacation my family took over the summer; the scenery was so pretty.
He's still the reason I want to go to Scotland.
If I had a pair of these shoes, I'd be set.
Laced Up
I'm reading the book City of Bones by Cassadra Clare.

This is it for tonight. Peace.

February 14, 2009


"These are our tax dollars at work."
I made this shrinky dink key chain during my gifted meeting.
Just goes to show you how badly Florida is funding gifted.
It says, 'keep dreaming.'
I attached my elevator keys for the time being.

I got a 99 on my math quiz. I find it crazy I never have gotten a 100. Would it be too much to get everything right just that once?

Happy Valentine's Day, I guess. I don't have much to say. My appetite has been weird. I only crave junk food. Chocolate. Marshmellows. I'm acting strange, too. I thought it'd be fun, so I took a Hershey's kiss and melted it with my blow dryer. I watched the Secret of My Success and find Micheal J. Fox quite appealing. (That's not so strange.) I basically screamed both my mom and dad's heads off. Plus I haven't done anything productive which bothers me. I hate how I went from really, really happy Friday to aching numbness. I'm probably over-reacting...?

Whatever. Night.

February 11, 2009

Yet that's why they invented tape.

I am mended. Pieced back together, if you will. Both merely figures of speeches, but I hope they are fairly close to the truth anyway. Ha, wow, I didn't even mean due to my minor toe surgery today.

Random thoughts because I'm brain-dead at the moment and therefore cannot form more than a few sentences, much less a good entry:

I believe I aced my math quiz today. That would sweetawesome if I did. Still only raise my overall grade to a B, but then if I retook the test I flunked, I could have an A.

We're making Animal Farm valentines in English. Whoopdidoo. I don't know why I wrote that. Maybe I, as pathetic as I am, consider it news?

I will be painting in art come tomorrow. *smiles*
I shall go read then finish homework.

Quote of the day:
"What's goth kid listen to?"
--Our sub in math today referring to Zack while he was messing with his ipod.

February 02, 2009

As I promised,

here is a [wonderous] picture of Zack's completed poster.
Note: The flowery pattern towards the edges is not actually part of it. 'Tis my quilt.

I have homework I should be doing. Especially studying my whatever off for math. First things first, get my Bio lecture notes in order. Okay, explanation: The way our teacher does it is through powerpoints and we can print out a great deal of the less important information beforehand. Needless to say I take advantage of that. Just this time, I forgot to pull out the paper tray dohickey and [I had chosen the "fast, economical" printing option since I'm all about saving the environment and pandas,] the papers spewed everywhere in a frenzy.

Also, I don't know why I was possessed to do so, but I got a friendster. It's not all that fantastic. Part of me is fascinated by all the embedding, codes and whatnot there is involved with websites such as it. From anyone else's standpoint though, I'm a lame-o. [Lame-o: One who is lame. O.] I have zippo friends!

Rainy day. Part of me wants to run outside with my cute panda umbrella and take pictures while it's only a light drizzle.
I was througly saddened. The lighting was unsutiable for taking pictures. Ah, well. Better luck next time?

I need Mountain Dew.

February 01, 2009

Now you've come to accept that anatomy defines more than a few.

I wish the weekends were longer. Granted I don't tend to do anything in the realm of adventures during them, I think it'd still be nice. It'd give an extra day to do all the homework you slacked on the previous two days. If only I was around to invent the calender, right? Then I could invent new months, too like McAvober and Pandary. And probably have been of such influence and immortality [meaning I would be worshipped as a God] I could race ahead in time and change Burger King to Lizzie King so that my slogan would be, "Have it my way."

Today is the Super Bowl. I could care less. [No, that wasn't a direct diss to anyone who happens to like football and are decked out in jerseys and such as they read this.] It just doesn't affect me. Sports in general do not and I don't even bother to speculate why. I'm leaving the loving up to my two older brothers and dad, the men of the family. You see, Mom and I can play Animal Crossing on our DS's instead. Or go see Slumdog Millionare together. If that's the plan, I better finish my homework, now. If it was to research Scottish things, I'd feel more inclined to finish it in a jiffy. Psh, am I kidding myself? I'd be working on that all. the. time. I probably should do something other to my hair as well. At the moment, it is one big curly-ish blob hairclipped to the back of my head.

Wow, it's February, isn't it? Bizzare. Wait, this means only 13 days until I get to hand out my Bob the Builder and Kung Fu Panda valentines! Well, technically 12 days since chances are I won't be tracking down my friends at their houses or whereever they are on a Saturday. I have to admit that'd be pretty cool, though. Yet the creepy, unnerving, disconcerting feelings that comes along with doing that are enough to have me do otherwise.

I'm just about done with Zack's drawing. I bet I can finish it before 3:00. I'll put a picture of it up here after I give it to him. I want him to be surprised to see it, not just, "oh, yeah, hey, I saw this on your blog already." Spoils everything. :p

Last note! About the song you hear when you come to this delightful blog: [If you have the sound on, that is.] Yes, I understand it has biblical refrencing, but that's not why I like it. I simply enjoy the melodicness of their voices. Plus, I secretly wish my name was Gloria because that guy's voice is to die for when he sings it.

I do believe I'm done here. Let us all have a good week. We'll see if I have time to update besides with a wonderous picture of Zack's poster.

*Edit: Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the page! It is quite hilarious.