March 29, 2009

If you left it up to me, everyday would be a holiday from real.

I want this:

I'm still musing over the various reviews; it's not perfectly stellar across the board, but there's a good sale going on for it at Best Buy this week -- and I might've convinced my mom to buy it for me. Okay, for the family. Still, I'm stoked. I've missed my 7.1 Megapixel true good 'ol point-and-shooter as it took a trip with my brother to Denver.

In other news: I got a 100 on my latest math test and all A's on my report card for the first time in high school. It's about time. I got a Hershey's chocolate bar for my efforts. I'm slightly upset that I had lent a friend my other 100 math test and she has yet to return it. That was about a month ago, too. Also I'm a little ticked at my fellow groupmates that I had to singlehandedly put together a final draft of our history project's research paper. I probably shouldn't have procrastinated too much with it...whatever, I needed a lazy weekend.

My music playlist has returned. Did you even notice it was missing?

March 24, 2009

I'm still a kid, y'know.

I love that necklace a lot. I've had it since I was a kiddo and I can still wear it now, in highschool, without anyone giving me a hard time. It's nice.

Art! That's a lovely picture of my bin-o-various-supplies. I'm about to be painting a flower, more specifically a tiger lily, in the style of Georgia O'Keefe for art. To those who may not know, she is an artist whose way of painting flowers requires it be huge and some parts go off the canvas into oblivion. Yeah, pretty much. I'm scared mine will turn out a horrid mess and I'll have to do it all over again. Not pleasant.

I just finished my Animal Farm national anthem. I feel very accomplished, but still believe it is lame and therefore will spare you the read. I still should probably study for history, but I almost never do until the morning of and somehow I retain most of it. Lucky me, right? Sadly we had review yesterday and I couldn't answer questions because everytime I talked I sounded like I'd swallowed a metal frog and coughed profusely. I gave up not getting the easy two or three extra points for the cause.

My brother will be gone Wednesday through Sunday for a robotics competition in Denver. I guess I'll miss him.

The Mentalist is on tonight. Hurrah!

March 20, 2009

What's so funny?

I was bored. Plain and simple.

This morning Katie and I were getting ready to stretch after a walk in aerobics when there was a 'code black', meaning we [plus everyone else in the entire school] had to evacuate the premises immediately. We ended up on the soccer fields slightly off-campus, our class and a few other P.E. first periods still in their gym clothes. We stood out there for maybe an hour and a half. I was sufficiently bored after 10 minutes and our teacher was very wish-washy about letting us wander around to talk to other people from other classes. Bah. Apparently it's nothing new at the school, though. Joy.

We were supposed to have a freshmen class meeting to go over 10th grade registration during third period, but since that incident had stretched to the middle of third, it was post-poned until sixth. That was dandy until as people filing in, a catfight breaks out just half a dozen seats down the row from mwah. Other swarmed, chanted "fight!" and yelled. The displinary action was set into place pretty quickly and I don't know exactly who was involved. Needless to say they whoever they are were swiftly escorted out of the auditorium and the adults in charge tried to carry on like normal. During all this I came to a solid conclusion: My freshman classmake would make two-year-olds look mature. There are few who are okay, much to the relief of my utter sanity, but the majority need to be taught to have respect. Seriously.

On a lighter, better note, my oldest brother is home from college this weekend. His birthday is tomorrow! Who knows what he plans to do tonight when he's spending practically all day Saturday with his girlfriend.

I wish I didn't have a sore throat and managed to get a 60 something on my latest math quiz after having a good streak. Gosh dang it. Now I have to do very well on the test. The pressure I manage to put upon myself -- it's ruthless.

I think I'll start with doing my math homework from the latest section or two. I also should work on my out of class art project. Hmm.

March 15, 2009

Let's go flying at the speed of sound.

NOTE: This contrail is especially colorful. I've probably seen a launch a hundred times, but it's still as cool as the first. I can't wait until I get to watch Orion go up and know it's going to the moon. I used to think I'd want to be an astronaut and I've seen all the movies, gone to space camp, yet I'd believe I'd get super incredibly homesick and who wants a gloomy gus in space?

March 13, 2009

Boys don't cry.

If you take up reading any of my older entries, the font will probably be scrunched together somewhat. I think there were some issues with it and now since you cannot edit it here, but rather in the overall customination. Not really my fault, but I apologize in advance nonetheless.

Today was pretty good by all standards. In aerobics we got a killer workout. So much of one that my legs were equivilent to the consistency of jell-o, and that was supposed to make up for the past four days of not doing anything. Our teacher doesn't understand the meaning of the word "brutality," or "torture."

I finished up my painting intensity chart today in art. I am certainly not the greatest painter there ever lived, but hey, at least I'm making strides towards improvement. I learn from my boo-boos, or if you don't speak baby, my mistakes. I'm very psyched for tomorrow because my turtles are being displayed at yet another art show! No lie! Apparently this is the biggest deal of them all so far and even back the mall, people had approached my teacher and asked how much I wanted for it. It's agreed I don't want to sell it, but maybe I could produce similar works and sell those. Hmm. Ideas, ideas.

Biology wasn't too thrilling. We're starting the unit on plant and human reproduction and thankfully no has been, I dunno, inappropriate. They seem to be mature and I'm impressed. The other day, I was leaving the classroom after putting my stuff down to get a drink of water and Will's right there. Awkward! Haha, yes and no. I'm quite sure he hardly even thinks of us as friends. Can't say I'm surprised.

History today was freakin' awesome. I felt so in touch with what was going on and was actively learning. Then the icing on the cake was getting our tests back. She, as in our teacher, discussed the grades a little right beforehand and said there was someone who had seriously nailed the last question and I figured it wasn't me. I couldn't even really remember what it was about. Well, turns out I was and my final score was a 105, with a curve, though. I don't broadcast my grades to broadcast my grades, I just feel so happy. I'm embracing life for as it is and part of it mainly is having luck, yet optimism and such is mostly everything else. Y'know? Haha.

Spanish; blah. We watched cartoons when were done with out work.

In English we did more things with "Animal Farm." Yes, I think it's fair to say I'm beginning to hate the book. Great news is there won't be a major test on it. A double-edged sword, in a way.

In math we celebrated Pi day by bringing in circular foods and solving problems dealing with Pi for extra credit. Mine invovled cheerios and I believe all got all 10 points. Woot, woot.

After school I went with my parents to this downtown village area where there's a really neat craft store to buy these "buggy pins" for my grandmother who's having radiation done. If you ever met my grammy you'd know she's crazy and lovable. She actually has this mannequin she uses to model the clothes and accessories she knits. Reminds me of the movie, Lars and the Real Girl, which if you haven't seen is amazing. It has Ryan Gosling in it, too. [He was the main guy in The Notebook.]

Most recently I watched Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. As my mom said it was "cute and funny." Yep, that about sums it up.

March 11, 2009


Idiotic: I just put a toaster strudel into the toaster, except on ours there's a choice of settings based on what you're putting in there. Well, I managed to press the setting for 'bagel.' Thankfully there wasn't any notiable difference and it tasted fine.

Cowardly: I didn't have the nerve to kill this beetle which made a recent inhabitance inside my latest art project. I promptly shrieked and retreated back inside my safe home. I think I'm declaring my art project on hold, at least until I ship this first attempt to Madagasgar. Also on this topic, after total blegh yesterday my teacher/procter put on The Wizard of Oz. I didn't watch, though. Instead I played various boardgames, including Pictionary, [which, despite being a good drawer, FAIL at] with a new friend, Neha. Total blegh you remember is the dreaded FCAT. [Florida Comprehension Assesment Test, although a quick google could've told you that. No, seriously -- I did it myself...] We had about three hours after it's done left at school.

Longingly: I daydreamed about my future materialistically. I'm not big on shopping or spending lost of money to get expensive clothing or whatever. One trip to a pricy store with my dad and you'll learn fast that it's okay to look, but you very rarely ever purchase. My mom's the complete opposite, but still has a strong sense of what is necessary and what isn't. Regardless, I want either of these: , . Plus the calgary cell phone which I mentioned before and has yet to debut.

Testosterone: I think one likes me. He keeps messaging me on myspace and is now trying to flirt. When will he figure out I'm not interested? He's also kind of creepy. He does the same thing to Nikki and she's more of the kind of girl to rip your heart out and stomp on it. Another just broke up with girlfriend and has been oddly giving me more attention. I believe in his mind he's being subtle, but since I pick up on a lot of things, I've taken notice. The other is sweet and all. I just hope he understands I only like him as a friend. Maybe I'm going crazy, and in reality NONE of these guys like me. I wouldn't put it out of the question.

Good-natured: Last night Puja and I attended a book club meeting for City of Bones. There were two newcomers from a different high school than us. Hannah and Scott I think their names were. It was fun to hear what they had to say. The cookies were delicious. 13 days until the third book in the series!

I tried to be a little more organized with my thoughts this entry. I feel like I ramble to the point of it all becoming uncomprehsionable at times.

Well, perhaps I'll work on history paper. It is due Monday after all and I'm trying to keep up my good rep of not being a procastinator...this past week.

March 08, 2009

Infinite beauty.

Yesterday I spent pracically the whole day at a Middle School Science Bowl competition with the team I coach. They got 3rd. Not bad if you ask me. Kind of a shame they hadn't managed to win, but oh well. I got to hang out with Nikki in the beginning part of it until her sister finished with this other science competition.

Swedish fish are addicting. Just thought you should know. Brownies, too.

I finished my stupid essay for Biology. Woot, woot! I thought that was going to hang over my head, and I'm eternally glad I kicked myself in the batooty to get it done. Erg, what else do I have. Probably a lot.

I need good books to read. Puja has been speeding through all these vampire tales and I take no interest in those. I already finished the sequel to City of Bones and of course the third book isn't released. Gotta wait till May.

Spring break for me is the first week of April. Splendid. I should get my act together and do some serious cleaning, even right now today.

This post seems utterly pointless. I apologize. I think I'll go immerse myself into the world of history and examine the causes of World War 1.

March 02, 2009

Arthimetic meets English.

Here's my beloved math story, though only halfway towards completion. Yeah, I thought I'd let you be amused and then have to hold out for part two. Be sure to tell me what you think! Constructive critisim is more than welcome. :]

London, England 1994.
Upon one of the many streets lies a cottage where a hardly middle-aged man lived with his wife. “They were nice folk, always have been,” the neighbors say to help explain why the couple’s recent tragedy evokes greater sorrow. “Neither would hurt a fly.”
The man, William Brickwell, was the manager of a bank just inside town. He had this stable job and never seemed to mind to work later hours calculating compound interests down to the last decimals, even if the bank itself wasn’t open! His wife, Josefina, made jewelry ornate with geometrical figures. She was a lazy, freelance artist. Both were good at what they did, and were overall kind, unique people. Therefore, it seems a shame that one night the two became victims of a murder. Fortunately, the thoughtful neighbors exponentially gathered enough money over a couple of months to hire the best detective east of the Thames River. This detective goes by the name of Eliza Seabring. They chose her specifically because not only does she hold the record for fastest solver, (and highest percent accuracy on first guesses) she specializes in homicides. Hopefully, if all went well, she could bring about closure sooner rather than later.
A sharp knocking at the door pierced the cone of silence amongst the neighbors, as they awaited their company. None had known what to say. Yet they had agreed they’d be together to meet the investigator when she arrived. Some knitted, some leisurely read, others simply sat, obviously deep in their thoughts. All in the group were swelling with anticipation.
Mrs. Smith hurried to meet the guest. She caught a short glimpse of the young woman muttering to the brim of her black hat atop her head, as she swung the heavy door open and peered out. Mrs. Smith found this quite peculiar, but thought nothing of it again. She engaged in a quick exchange of greetings to the lass more formerly known as Private Seabring, then led her though the foyer and into the sitting room.
Immediately, a frazzled Mrs. Johnson sprung to her feet and inquired,
“What’s the probability that you can find the despicable person behind all of this in, oh, say, a couple of weeks?” Everyone turned to Private Seabring, expecting a promising answer or a reassuring, ‘I’ll do my best, ma’m.’ They were shocked to realize she was laughing and shaking uncontrollably.
“This is funny?” Miss Davies, the youngest adult there, asked.
“I estimate it’ll take shorter than that.” Private Seabring finally choked out having regained her composure. Flabbergasted, everyone’s jaws almost literally hit the floor.
“I believe we should leave Miss Seabring to do what she does best.” Mrs. Smith announced to the group. She turned to Private Seabring, “Report right away when you find anything? We trust you.”
“Sure. Sure.” Private Seabring replied dismissively. She had already begun to admire a case of rings on display behind a glass case.

March 01, 2009


The reflection on the retention pond.

Today was pretty amazing. I got to spend time with my friend Regina at her house down the street during the late afternoon into the evening.. She is such a unique person, and I love her for that. She's strong, too. Been through a lot and come out for the better and smiling, I mean. We managed to piece together what had gone on in the others' lives the past few years, remarking on how crazy the world is. There's been some change, but we're still the same ol' kids back in elementary school, trying to fit in. How much high school alters ones perspective on life. Suddenly we miss the trivial problems of our younger childhoods and much have them rather in place with the drama, now. I wish I had classes with her this year, I really do. She also informed me that Will has a girlfriend. Bummer, yet not really. It was as figured.

I really want a cookie. But I already brushed my teeth for the night. Oh, the dilemmas.