April 28, 2009


There are only 20 or so more days of school left and I don't think I can convey accurately the absolutely insanely gross amount of anticipation I am experiencing as of now. School irks me towards the end of the year. I get paranoid I'm going to fail all my classes. I question my aptitude. In lamemans terms, I have low self-esteem. I used to be able to deal with it. This year, not so much. Perhaps high school is bigger, scarier, or whatever and, though indirectly, the pressures on my brother, a junior, is getting to me, too. What if I'm not college material? What if, what if, what it?

Anyway, enough of that crapola. My oldest brother is coming home from college for his summer vacation on Friday. He has a study abroad class in South Africa starting the beginning of May though, so you can imagine he won't be here more than a week. I'll miss him. Why? 'Cause I already do.

The Mentalist is going to be on nine minutes. I better hurry this along.

Have you ever noticed how it's very hard to delay a decision and end up with both? It never works out, does it? You'll always have to toughen up and make the choice, any pain and suffering aside. Humanity is cruel.

Sorry if this feels slightly scatter-brained.

I'm going on a field trip Thursday to another high school with my awesome friends to dicuss books and eat pizza. I'm happy, as clearly indicated by this --> :]

I've been having dreams lately where I will be on the phone and then walk away, do something outrageous, come back and resume conversation. What on earth?

Good night, all.

April 22, 2009


I keep trying to post and then something manages to get in the way. Typical, no?

This past Saturday there was a Sunsational Earthfest being held nearby which the team of science bowlers that I coach incidentially attended. They were there to participate in a hands-on hydrogen fuel cell car race. Not the solar car at the SUNsational Earthfest. Go figure.

In celebration of Earth Day I wanted to post some nature photos I have taken in my backyard. Neither too spectacular.

I dislike C's. The odd one, just a 70, has kept my B in math from being an A. Then for whatever reason had gotten 76s on the last two tests in Spanish. Ugh.

My brother is being forced to sift through college mail at the moment. I pity him, kinda. There's really not much to say. Oh, wait.

In aerobics today we were in the gym and our teacher made us do something rather than sit on our lazy bums. Katie and I played volleyball with a few other girls. We hit fairly well, but one soared into the pushed in, stacked up bleachers. I bravely volunteered to climb up and retrieve it. I didn't have a problem coming up. Coming down? Tricky. I managed to slide halfway down and I'm sure if I strained my arm while doing that. As freaky and perhaps unbelievable as this is, but the same arm just started throbbing. Ouch. Regardless, it happened two more times and this guy got up there for us. Seconds before we were told to go change it got stuck yet again and I made effort to get it. I was about ready to try what I had done before, the method that hurt, when the guy asked if wanted help. Feebly, I said yes. He then put his arms out in a circle around where my body would be, and fell into them. It felt was something from the movies. And I bet you I was blushing. As I told my friend, he wasn't drop dead gorgeous, but when he was considerate enough to do that, it doesn't matter one bit. :D

P.S. That was the first semi-hug I have gotten from a guy [outside my family] in a few months.

April 17, 2009


I originally intended to try "live-blogging" my adventure as being a bum on the couch and watching that new Spongebob movie starring Johnny Depp. Rather my mom, dad and I watched four episodes of Cheers on DVD, which are always enjoyable. We're on season four. Gotta love Woody. If you've never seen it, I highly advise you do so somehow, sometime.

I've given up on The Fountainhead. Besides, my brother needs it for his English class. I've since read The Perks of Being a Wallflower and it was okay; not my favorite book in the world. I haven't been able to check out City of Glass from the library. Point is, I am book-less and once I shake off this drowsiness, I'd like to have something to read. Any suggestions?

There was a cake contest held at school this past Thursday. my English teacher gave us 20 points extra credit points if we entered, so I said, "what the heck." Worst decision ever. [Perhaps that's exaggerating, but still.] I worked really hard to make it the best I could, though I'm no professional cake baker and/or decorator. Here's a picture, you can be the judge:

It had to deal with a book or the theme: "Worlds Connect @ Your Library" and I incorporated the worlds from one of my favorite series, Pendragon, by D.J. MacHale. I got honorable mention and therefore I won a $10 visa gift card, which loses its value by $3 if you don't use it relatively soon. Sneaky.

I had three tests today. I hope I did well on each. I'm really not sure at this point. Goo. Rah. That's how I feel about it. Plus having to dedicate my Saturday to volunteering with science. Although I don't mind doing it, I'd just much prefer sleeping in. You know how that goes.

, for myself to be the Vice President of the Sophomore class next year, but this other kid, Taylor, beat me. It's really no big deal. I'm well aware he tore down my posters and bribed his friends with buying lunch and whatnot for them. If that's what the majority of the people want to have representing them, okay, they can have it. I've come to accept how despicable my classmate, are. I learned pretty quickly and thus tried to move along common ground with sophomores, but have since been, arguably strategically, pushed out of their "circle" -- so to speak --, too. Now I'm a little lost about where I fit in. Eh, let's face it, I don't. Period. End of sentence. No sense worrying or speculating. Life will turn out fine enough. There's more I've yet to experience. Etc., etc.

I feel I've blathered on enough. Good night, all.

Remember: book suggestions are appreciated. :]

April 08, 2009


My room is in much disarray. I think I talked about cleaning and reorganizing it over Spring Break in an entry a couple months back. Well, I'm in the midst of the huge undertaking now. I managed to move my bed into the desired spot, but there's a whole bunch of clothes and such to sort through. Blah.

I went on a few webstores [i.e. Charlotte Russe, pacsun] just to browse for fun. I came across these uber cute sunglasses. I want them. Problem: I need the cash to buy 'em. Solution: I'm babysitting Friday and I might start looking for places to sell photographs. Might. It's harder when you can't drive yourself. That happens to remind me of the fact that they're changing the legal driving age to 17 instead of 16 in the state of Florida. Do you know what this means? I can't get my actual licence [not just learner's permit] until I'm a senior. Eh, I probably wouldn't have a car to drive regardless.

I saw this walking home from the bus and decided it was picture-worthy.

Time to work on history notes and eat ice cream. Then perhaps my brother, mom and I will resume our game of Monopoly: World Edition.

April 05, 2009


I went outside to go workout and I was extra excited because I had added more songs to my ipod. I was initially concerned when I couldn't hear it playing when it was hooked up to the speakers, but the dolt I am hadn't turned it up loud enough. So there I am working out to "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" and instead of going on to the next song, it stops. I then realize it won't play any of the songs and won't show the cover art. I am throughly pissed. How the crap did this happen? It wasn't that hot outside. I was using the right adapter. I've used the outside outlet before. What. The. Heck.


EDIT: I still don't know what caused it, but I was able to successfully reset my ipod and it is functional now. Phew.

April 03, 2009


I haven't made up my mind about whether or not I should start homework tonight or not. Perhaps I should.

That is probably the least on my mind, actually. Here I am thinking my mom had already bought that one Nikon camera, and next I know she's talking on the phone with her brother-in-law, a professional photographer, about the right one to buy. Which, unarguably, is a smart thing to do before investing $300 plus in something that we may never have been able to adequately use. Apparently he, along with my aunt, are making a visit down here in a couple of days, coincidentally as I'm on spring break. Oh man, I was dying to try one out, but no, the wait continutes.

Today was nice enough, I guess. Most recently watched five episodes of Cheers consecutively. Before that at school I amused myself by trying to write with my left hand -- my dominant is my right -- and everyone said I was "no good," and should, "keep practicing." We had smoothies [in aerobics,] a few movies, busy work and that's about that. The teachers were definitely ready for spring break, too. I don't blame them. Having to put up with us another week? Unbearable.

There's been some tragic news as well. A person I knew, granted not very well, at my middle school has passed away in a car accident. She wasn't wearing her seatbelt. Her best friend who I do know better didn't come to school yesterday. Though she went to a different highschool, I still understand the pain and I'm sincerly hoping that everyone can take away a lesson from this, proof that stuff like this can happen, and remember how great a person she was. R.I.P. Maria Smith. We all love and miss you.

April 01, 2009

I'm waiting for the breakdown.

New title layout thingymabobber. You like?

Review of my day since I have no other creative way to express my thoughts at this moment but I am going to do what it takes to avoid homework:

We took a walk first period that became shortened when the sidewalk was closed and the grass muddy. Katie and I threw a ball back and forth in a corner of the gym for the rest of time. We accidently had the ball roll towards this one girl sitting and she pegged it farther away. Uh, thanks? Don't know what he problem was. It wasn't like we did it intentionally, or hit in the face.

I'm painting my tiger lily in art. It's turning out alright, I suppose. I'm experimenting with water-colored pencils. I think I'm going to use them on my out of class project. I'll be sure to post a picture of that when it's finished.

My team had fallen behind in the review game during Biology thanks to *ahem* Garett *ahem* and his thinking that testosterone couldn't possibly be made in the testes. I was so tired I didn't wack him upside the head and the time didn't permit us to even change it. Puja and Aniesa won. Swanny, Puja, Aniesa and I stayed in there to review more/ask questions with the teacher during our lunch.
Then we went and sat outside for ten minutes or so and they were selling school newspapers. I just about DIED when this cute guy asked if wanted to buy one. Afterwards I wondered if they rest of the staff sent him out specifically because he is so gosh darn cute. And probably taken. Darn tootin'.

History was not that much fun, same with Spanish. We watched the old cartoon version of Animal Farm in English. Yay? Then just reviewed in math. I had a gifted meeting during reading period. We played the board game stratego and had to forfeit due to time. Whatever, I would've annihilated Puja anyway.