August 31, 2009

I accept.

Today at school the entire student body attended a presentation based on, "Rachel's Challenge." You may have heard of it. Rachel Scott was the first person shot and killed at Columbine High School in 1999. She had a premonition she was going to die young, but that'd she still have a profound impact on the world. After she died, her father and family started a program to teach others what she believed in and to carry on a chain reaction of compassion and kindness. Her message is meaningful, emotional and if it hasn't already reached your ears and invaded your mind, I heartily encourage you to visit to learn more.

I feel guilty, now, for all the instances I could've said something to brighten someone's day and didn't. Or didn't even give being friends with someone I didn't know a chance for whatever reason. I understand it is difficult to eliminate all prejudice, but I am more than willing to try.

I don't want to write too much, although this has had an impact on me and I definitely want to put it in this, my online journal, and later in my private journal. There is a ton I'm feeling, yet cannot easily express in words. I am also aware of the fact that neglecting my homework will not be positive and I really should.

Thank you for another award, Kait.! Next entry I will surely mention it again in further detail.

Though for now, I have a question for all my readers and/or followers that I would really love if you'd please take a few minutes to answer.

What is your goal in life?

August 28, 2009

I've had an odd day.

I have a stuffy nose and I'm hoping it's due to plain 'ol allergies and not a darn cold. I have a good fear it's the latter. Blegh. I dislike being sick with a burning passion. Granted, I'm not sure I know anyone who enjoys it, putting aside the fact they might be able to stay home from school and evade whatever dangers there. I swear I'm going to have to invent a machine that automatically blows my nose for me. Wow, don't I sound very lazy. Ah, whatever. It's spot-on and true.

I'm re-reading the book, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, for duel purposes. One, it is the first book our book club plans to discuss in two weeks time, and two, the sequel to it comes out on September 1st. I have it pre-ordered and everything. I seriously recommend going and checking it out of the library sometime in the near future. It is futuristic fiction, a 16-year-old female is the protagonist, there's a love interest and it's well-written.

I wish I could fast-forward time ahead enough to Wednesday so I could be done with an art project. I'm just dying to show you all! In the meantime, though, feast your eyes on this, a new art project:
A Starburst edible necklace! I was inspired by my friend, Patricia, who thought this necklace
that I already own, was really Starbursts assembled on a string. I know these two versions look pretty different at the moment, but I should probably keep the Starbursts packaged as much as possible until I'm certainly ready to eat them. Still, I thought it was a neat idea.

I went to the library yesterday to return a book that was overdue on my card, even though my mom had all the intentions of reading the book, not I. While we were there it was hard to resist not getting anything else, so we passed by the travel section and I picked out a book about Glasgow and Edinburgh. I also perused the CD section and walking away with the Atonement Soundtrack--it's already on my ipod I love it so much-- Less Than Jake's album, Anthem, Jack Johnson Sleep Through The Static, a random Paul Simon and the Broadway Original Recording Soundtrack of The Fiddler On the Roof.

YouTube videos take forever to upload and it's ticking me off. *Shouts at laptop*

August 24, 2009

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

Since there is no other way to contact you back in response to the comment you left, I figured I'd devote an entire entry to my rebuttal. Hope that jives with you, Anon.

For those outsiders reading in, here was the comment: "u know, you really need a life. ur blog is starting to get quite boring. isnt there anything else interesting to talk about?" I directly copied and pasted.

Perhaps it is just me, but when I write online, I hardly use "netspeak," outside of the standard "lol." Personally, I find it annoying. In this case, especially, when you properly spelled the word "you," instead of "u," not even two words later, it irritated me. What was the point in that? Was it really that much shorter and easier to type? If it was, then, okay, fine. It just seems ridiculous. I applaud the correct use of the comma though.

The second sentence is confusing; "ur blog?" No, I am a person. If you meant, "your," I only understand it because "ur" not the only one who spells it that way -- unfortunately. I mean, whatever. I'm not trying to rip you to shreds, Anon, I am merely stating how I felt when I read it. It took me awhile to get past those facts to the real message.

Ah, yes, the real message. Where do I even begin? Well, I'd love to say I enjoy comments and usually they are pleasant, "love your blog," or "this is how I can relate because," and they go on to explain. Those are great! So I must admit I was put off guard when I read this particular one. I have no life? Really? Compared to who, precisely? Yourself? This is where I wish you weren't anonymous and I could've followed a link back to your blog so I can read about your never-ending thrill ride of a life. Assuming, that is, you "have a life," or a blog. The adverb "really," implies to me that I am in a state of supreme desperation. As if I'm on my last leg to get any sort of life established. Gee, thanks?

My blog is starting to get quite boring, you say? Does this mean you've read my blog in the past and only now it has become boring? I cannot tell if you express mock or genuine concern for the welfare of my blog. I agree that I've written about the more mundane aspects of my life recently, but what is wrong with that? I do not believe every sentence I write should end with an exclamation point nor every story I tell leave the reader stunned and awed. I think, more than anything, I fail to grasp your point. I figure to assuage you, I have two choices. I can go out and get drunk, party, have a lavish lifestyle then choose to rant and rave about those exciting tales, or fabricate such a lifestyle. I'd rather be truthful, thus it seems I must change my living habits. Okay, let's see if that works.

Alas, the last sentence. I suppose there are more interesting things to talk about, Anon. For instance, how a girl got run over by a golf cart at school today. Does that pique your interest? Honestly, I think that is or isn't inteesting, depending on who you ask. I think the girl involved thinks otherwise. It was probably horrific and life-threatening in her eyes. Therefore, interesting is a relative term, based on one's unique perspective. If you think what I say now is uninteresting, then by all means, do not feel obligated to keep reading my blog. Shoot, you probably won't even be reading this if you so strongly think I am a total bore. Wow, wouldn't I feel like a dope for taking all this time and effort to respond and you never read it. A huge dope, indeed.

With that said, I certainly pray you do.

Lizzie, author of the apparently boring blog, The Dreams That Make Us Real.

Write it down on a post-it.

I am at a loss for words at the moment. Plus, I figure I should save all my best writing for my short-answer and essay ridden history test tomorrow. Oh, joy. For your viewing pleasure, here's a post of mainly photos.

I think I'm becoming very good at the candid shot:

Have a magnificent week, everyone!

August 21, 2009

You can breathe but the air is running out.

Today was okay. In the morning before school started, I saw an old friend and we talked for a few minutes. As we bid our farewells, I had a momentary thought of what might've been different had I not neglected them as much as I had in the recent past. It was good to talk, though. I think it would've been apparent if they resented me and since it wasn't clear, all is alright and my conscience relieved.

I learned in English that our teacher was getting ready to hand out the letters my fellow classmates and I wrote for this year's freshmen. I explain more of what it's all about here. They have a week to track me down. We'll see how it goes. Oh, and my friend suckered $15 out of me to buy cookie dough she is selling or order to fund-raise a band trip to Washington, D.C. She's lucky I have a sweet tooth and she's cool.

I swam in my PE class and only then did I realize how lonely I am in that class. I know of a few girls, but wouldn't describe any connection we have as friendship. I suppose it's time to make new friends. Here's the thing, I think it's hard to befriend or join an already established group of friends. Maybe I'm just making excuses and will continue to until the cows come home. Or this school year ends. Whichever comes first.

Puja and I are lab partners in chemistry. We had to boil salt water to observe a physical change. It was intuitive, as I'm sure was intentional, considering it's technically our only serious lab thus far. We successfully avoided burning ourselves and/or setting our lab station, not to mention the surrounding objects, aflame.

Spanish was uneventful and likewise with history. We don't get the tests we took back in math until three weeks from now. Apparently, we all did horribly enough to warrant the slate be cleared. In other words, it won't count as a grade. I can't judge the fortuitousness of this until I get it back. The clock is ticking.

Our first project in art was an "all-about me" flip-flop collage. She said we could do any kind of shoe, so long as we did two and followed and meet the other specifications. Here is a picture of what they looked like the night before I glued the laced part onto the shoe. Is it really any wonder that I chose converse? I also had lost the separate piece I had for the back part where it says "all-star." A few days after taking this picture I created a new one. I was too proud of it to wait to show the fully complete version, which I don't have back yet. Honestly, there isn't much a difference, I just tend to notice all the minor flaws.

This is what it looked like under construction:

The next-to-close finished product:

Those other two don't require much -- if any -- explanation. Now I'm off to go finish reading one book and start another.

Oh, oh, oh! Which reminds me, for book club this year, we're going to have t-shirts. How rad is that? :]

EDIT: I knew I was forgetting something. I got this splendid recognition from adubbskthx:
Now it is my distinct honor to tag four other bloggers for this. Scarlett, Kait, Abs, Strawberry. If you'd like to be nominated as well, just drop me a comment. Thank you, adubbskthx!

I received this lovely award from Kait, too. Thank you, thank you, my dear! I appreciate it oodles. I have no idea who to tag, especially since the obviously choices already have been. So, feel free to comment me and I'll consider.

August 15, 2009

Maybe I'm just tired, tired of never knowing.

I drew on top of this picture that using photoshop. Cool, huh?

My weekend was borderline between awesome and alright. I did very little besides finishing homework that was due today and chilled. I tried working on my art project until realizing it was futile if I lacked the proper glue, which, I must admit, wasn't very long. My decision has yet to be made final: start a new drawing, or talk to my teacher and just finish my brother's portrait and have that count as a grade. Hmm.

My time home this evening from five to about seven was spent helping a friend over the phone with math. Algebra 1 Honors stuff -- in essence-- I should specify. Material I personally covered back in seventh grade. You'd think that wouldn't be that long ago, and I suppose it wasn't truly, but I was shocked how much I had to verify with websites. I think she has a better understanding of what she's doing, now, along with myself! I didn't mind helping her through, because I found it beneficial to me, giving me a good reason to brush up and review. She's so sweet and I could tell she was willing to do whatever to not feel like a burden. I hope she perceived that I was genuinely happy to assist.

I've started reading Ethan Frome, and am very intrigued by the author, Edith Wharton's, style. I find that as I go through it, I'm mentally paraphrasing and summarizing what happened in less intense and high quality language. Seems to me that's how comprehension usually goes, haha.

I thought I'd share something my brother bracketed, I assume because he liked it. I like it, too:
"Her wonder and his laughter ran together like spring rills in a thaw. Ethan had the sense of having done something arch and ingenious. To prolong the effect he groped for a dazzling phrase, and brought out, in a growl of rapture: 'Come along.' "

I think it's high-time I comment you lovelies back then head off for the direction of dreamland.

August 13, 2009

Expanding universes and alternate realities.

A kid in my Spanish class yesterday said they had a Miss Delaney for a teacher in their past and I immediately thought of the song with the same name by Jack's Mannequin. Why? Well, my mind works like that, I suppose. It sounded familiar and I figured out where I had heard it before within nanoseconds. It is hard to put my brain around the complex things that my brain does. Goodness, is everything a paradox, this picture included?

My first week of my second year of high school is almost at an end. I've been asking my incoming freshmen friend, Emilia, a million questions and she's been happy and cooperative to answer them. Maybe I'm crazy, yet I want to get inside that boat again, understand what it's like once more. Meanwhile, I am ready to be the older one and hold responsibility. Ready to grow up and leave. I can't jump the gun, though; I've still got some time.

Either this weekend or the following, a former classmate of mine and serious violin prodigy of age 4 (now 16), Esther Muradov, is going to play a local recital to fund-raise for her trip to a competition in Spain -- in SPAIN. She is absolutely amazing. She, my dear readers, has played at Carnegie Hall. If that's not downright awesome, then I don't know what is. It's inspirational to know a girl I had 7th grade World Cultures with has gone on to live her dream. She's so sweet and humble, too!

I better get some sleep and change my alarm. Have a fantastic weekend to all!

August 10, 2009

Alphabet soup.

I truly hope everyone's week is going superbly so far and I am deeply sorry my commenting has been close to pathetic. I will comment you back by tomorrow evening my time at the very latest.

I suppose my first day as a sophomore in high school was fine. The second wasn't too bad, either. I didn't get beat up at least. I would've written more last night, yet surprisingly I was tired. Moral of the story: Go to bed earlier.

Day 1: The morning, before the first bell actually rang, was hectic. The heat and humidity was uncomfortable throughout the day, making me extremely glad I decided not to wear jeans and went with capris instead. [I would've gone even further to wear shorts but it wouldn't have worked with the top I was more or less bent on wearing.] The freshmen didn't seem too annoying nor clueless. I got to see friends I hadn't hung with over the summer.

After school my brother and I hung around to receive our scores for the Cambridge (IGSCE and GSCE) examinations we had taken in May/June. I am so proud of my brother because he did very well! So well in fact he has now gotten his diploma with distinction by the end of his junior year (11th grade), which is a bigger deal here in the states because technically to graduate high school it is required they complete a 12th year of school. Most students wait to take and pass all their tests then. In other words, he did a phenomenal job and accomplished it in less time. I, however, scored less than I thought I would. My teachers told me they were shocked.

As a preface to those who don't take IGSCE and GSCE classes, it is crucial to know that any letter grade from A to G is passing. An "A" means you scored the same with 5% of all others taking that exam at that same point in time. A "B" is more than 5% and so forth. I got a D in IGSCE History and C's in IGSCE Biology, IGSCE Math 2, and IGSCE English Language. I do not know quite why I didn't do better and there's no point in making excuses. I just need to do better, and I will!

Day 2: The morning was peaceful and I meet up in the library with my friend Puja like we had gotten used to doing last year. The heat was more or less bearable and if the freshmen were lost today, they didn't show it. There wasn't much I learned really. We had review here and signed papers there. Oh, and in Chemistry we were instructed how to properly light a burner and then got to show we knew our stuff for a small grade.

I thought I would go through each of my glasses and write down my thoughts but that is slightly tedious. Briefly, I want to say that I love my art class and I'm excited about the first project(s)! I didn't have much homework besides finding things for an about me collage on a shoe, reading over the Spanish syllabus because we'll have a quiz on it and wonderful, wonderful, history booknotes and glossary. Oh, how I little I missed those.

My English teacher dropped the title Ethan Frome as the first novel we will read as part of our Eng. Lit class; I'll have to find my family's copy.

August 06, 2009

Cut it out, cricket.

Five-year-olds are adorable when they aren't a menace. The reason I haven't posted in the past few days is simple. I have been babysitting a five-year-old boy all day for each of the days --HOLY, water just dropped from my vent onto my laptop's keyboard...relocating -- and have had my quota of imagination for a while after pretending that there was a fire the Lego firefighters had to put out. And patience. We rode bikes, swam, watched TV and built/played Legos. Practically everything under the sun and I got to eat Lunchables for lunch three days in a row. Yum, yum.

I think it's all worth it, though. I remember self-declaring I should earn money so I could pay back what I technically owed my mom for my awesome Nikon camera before summer ended and I've accomplished that. However, once you deduct any other money spent on school supplies and clothes, I don't have much a profit. Oh well.

Speaking of summer, I feel like mine is slipping away from me. I only have three more days left before school! Unbelievable. Where has the time gone? It seems all a blur, but I've done most of what I wanted to do. I can live with that. I've already registered and picked up my schedule, too. Not to mention got this heavy-duty backpack because I'd appreciate my shoulders not falling off.

I just remembered there's a new Burn Notice episode tonight. Yay.

Oh, and thank you for all the comments! I will try to comment back each and everyone of you as soon as I can.

It's like a volcano was erupting just beyond those houses, on the brim of the summer horizon.

August 02, 2009

Hey now, you're an all-star.

Here's the pair of converse I had my friends write all over at the end of seventh grade. There are a few witty comments and I know I said they also wrote on my shoelaces...yeah, well, I had taken them off after they inked my hands the years ago and I'd have to locate 'em.

August 01, 2009

Hello, August.

Another two stellar finds from my mom's closet! :]

New month, new adventures.

The neighbor barbecue has been re-scheduled to next weekend which is fine with me. I can't say I had anything important planned either now or then. It might conflict with hanging out with Nikki, but she might be super busy by then like she said. I really miss going to the same school as her. I feel like we're planets going in different orbits and only cross paths once in a while. I know it drives her nuts to not have a cell phone while both her sisters do. Perhaps she'll get one for her birthday this year.

I was tagged by Kait to list seven "interesting" things about myself. I shall give it a go.

1. Sometimes I wonder if I'm a hypochondriac. At the mention of most diseases I feel there I have a matching symptom and I thus do some research/surfing of the net. For example, I've thought I was bi-polar, and probably would get cancer. My doctor has never made any diagnosis supporting these perhaps outlandish assumptions.

2. I've had toe surgery on both my big toes due to ingrown toenails. I have now had the procedure done to pernamently kill the certain troublesome nail cells and have been a much happier camper since.

3. I skipped the second grade and did just fine in third grade a year younger than my new fellow classmates. I cannot nor do I wish to imagine what would've happened had I not.

4. I have a tendency to over-react in situations. I reserve it for the bigger-deal things nowadays.

5. I own about eight pairs of converse, including a pair I let my friends at the end of the seventh grade practically litter with their signatures and witty comments written in sharpie everywhere -- even the laces!

6. My first ever musical was "Don't Say No To the U.S.O" in sixth grade in which I was in a trio of women riveters [imagine Rosie the riveter] during WWII. It actually was a lot of fun, despite being performed on the small stage.

7. I watch a lot of old TV shows from the 80s. Remington Steele, Cheers, and Moonlighting, just to name a few. They're all really good though.

I have no idea to tag, surprise, surprise.