October 31, 2009


found on fffound.com.

I'm headed off to hang with Nikki at the inside mall very soon. We're going to see Paranormal Activity. I've heard it's creepy and thought I might want to bring a pillow to scream into. Ha. This was Nikki's choice, not mine. Which is fair because tomorrow is Nikki's birthday and we're doing this today as celebration. I'll let you guys know if I survive or not as an edit or something. Otherwise, I have no other Halloween plans and the next day will be dedicated to homework. Oh, fun.

Happy Halloween! Don't get too scared!

EDIT: I'm alive!

October 27, 2009

The sky could fall, fall on me.

found on fffound.com.

As an update to the pumpkin contest I mentioned last entry, I won! I am super excited because the prize wasn't just a pat on the back. Nope, it was a free yearbook when they arrive in the spring. Yearbooks cost a lot of money. I think for our school is runs around $60 to 70, which depending on the quality of your staff, may seem overpriced. That is to say I hope -- fingers crossed -- they do a good job. My friends Swanny and Elizabeth and involved and I think they are capable of helping produce something worth having.

Until I get files organized I'm computer, specifically my photos, I'm trying to not take any more. I'm paranoid that one day my lovely, wonderful laptop won't turn. That said, I'm going to feature whatever I find that intrigues me.

Today was aggravating and long. I, along with practically everyone else, waited in great anticipation for the Ares I rocket to launch from Kennedy Space Center and after several delays, never did. Ares I is the rocket, (think Saturn IV with Apollo...okay, that may not help!) that NASA hopes will be used to take us back to the moon, Mars, and perhaps even beyond. As you may or may not know, the Space Shuttle is going to be retired very soon. Some are pessimistic and think there won't be a replacement or that the Ares I won't work. I'm trying to stay optimistic.

October 21, 2009

Do you think about me now and then?

Homecoming was awesome! I loved every minute of it. Puja, Aniesa and I danced pretty much the whole time and man was I sore afterwords. Such a workout. (I say that, but our theme was 'Candyland' so anything I burned off, I most likely regained. haha.) I would see people I knew and talk to them briefly and then move on. It's already decided that we're going again next year. Here are the photos I have of it so far. Stupidly, I didn't bring my own camera with me, yet that was because I thought it'd be too bulky and liable to break if around my neck. Here's me, Puja and Aniesa.
I had gone to my friend Regina's house for a pre-party to get ready with the various girls I'm friends with. I had to edit this particular photo because the blur was uncool. Now I made the blurry-ness more or less artistic. Maybe. Oh, and the guy, Garrett, had come towards the end for just dinner, pictures and departure. From left to right: Emily, Puja, me, Swanny, Garrett, Morgan and Regina. Aniesa wasn't able to make it.
Did anyone watch the SNL episode where Gerard Butler hosted? If I recall correctly, it was on just this past Saturday. I think I have digitally recorded it. If not, hulu here I come. From what I gather, though, that site, as lovely as it is, can't show full episodes of certain things due to copyright issues, which makes sense, I suppose.

I entered my pumpkin in the pumplin decorating contest at school today. It is done through the library and basically, it has the same concept as the cake contest I did last spring. Pick a book that deals with scary stuff, the supernatural, vampires, etc. All of this is part of some -- I believe national -- Teen Reed Week. I hope I win because there are more prizes than there are entrants. Someone will get to? I have no idea. Official judging is tomorrow and the results revealed tomorrow afternoon. I chose Coraline by Neil Gaiman. I've probably mentioned the book before. Here's the finished pumpkin:

Math homework awaits.

October 16, 2009

Long entry alert!

The past week or so has been bustling with activity, which is both good and bad. Good because my birthday and its celebration with my best friend, Nikki, on Saturday was spectacular and made me forget about the horrible day I had before. We went and hung out at an outside mall, and took pictures.

Then we ate at Pizza Gallery, a lovely restaurant, and, as probably obvious by its name, full of art. The garlic knots are to die for! After that we went and saw The Invention of Lying. I think my expectations were too high, because I didn't love; it wasn't nearly as funny. Bad because I've had very little time to do much else.

Starting Monday was my school's spirit week and since we have today (Friday) off, we had to cram all the fun days into four instead of five. Monday was Wacky Tacky/Decade's Day. I think I saw at least fifteen girls dressed in leggings, a skirt, a sweatshirt coming off of one shoulder and hair in high pony-tails. I, instead, just went all out crazy with my outfit. Puja caught me off guard when she took this picture at lunch:
I also traded with my friend Kaitlin a piece of candy from a bucket I had previously won during a team-building thing with fellow really smart kids in the school.
On Tuesday, we had Traffic Light Day. Let me explain. We were supposed to dress up from head to toe in a certain color based on our relationship status. Green meant single, yellow meant confused, it's complicated, etc., and red equaled taken. I wore my green and that was that. I wish I had a camera when I saw these three girl walking around in boxes painted black with and then the three colors, mimicking the traffic light. How clever!

Wednesday was Cartoon Day and each class was technically assigned a network. Seniors got the best, Nickelodeon, and juniors got Cartoon Network. The sophomores, Disney, and the freshmen PBS. I didn't dress up, and hardly any of my friends did. I did not desire to be Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez. Here's myself and Aniesa on such day:
Yesterday was Spirit Day and I dressed up in our colors/as our mascot.

October 09, 2009

Bad days are necessary. They help us grow.

This time, I didn't fail a math test. In fact, I got an astounding 88% on my math quiz today, maintaining my above average grade. Rather it all started no less than a minute out of my house in the morning to depart to school. I had stepped in dog poo. And it only gets worse.

I realized that something was amiss when I smelled the foul odor during the car ride. While getting out, I saw there was a brownish stain on the floor and my brother noted I had a "grass stain" on my leg. Sure, it sort of looked like it with other grass debris stuck to it, but it was definitely sticky. Sorry, that may have been too much information. Yeah, I was grossed out, too. I rushed to the bathroom to clean it off as much as humanly possible and proceeded to wash my hands about five times. That was just one small catastrophes of several.

Naturally, for my PE class we were outside. I was walking along with my friend Kaila, when all of a sudden I felt like something had gotten on the bottom of my shoe. Nope, not dog poo, gum this time. A huge, fat wad of it, no less. I was disgusted. What horrible luck I was having.

I then made the mistake of truly looking forward to a batch of cupcakes Aniesa planned and insisted on making for me. I even brought my camera to document the joyous lunch I'd have, sharing cupcakes with my friends. I'm sure you can guess already; I got my hopes up too high. Apparently there was a misunderstanding between her and a friend had. She had given it to him to put in our fourth period's teacher's classroom. He didn't do that. Therefore, the cupcakes were abandoned and I was a little upset. Still, it was the thought that counted and I was very flattered Aniesa would go to the trouble of baking and frosting it all herself.

During lunch, I at least would be able to enjoy a favorite food item, pizza dippers, from the cafeteria. Not. They were all out by the time I got there and I settled for chicken nuggets. I was pretty darn bummed.

History was sort of a bust. It was another girl's birthday today in my class and she was handing out -- yeah, you guessed it again -- cupcakes to only her select friends. I am not one of those select friends. My teacher ate two of the "extras" whole. As in, one bite and it's devoured. That was...odd.

So much other stuff had gone on I hadn't put much thought into how I was going to do on my math quiz. I was fairly confident, but, confidence can be my demise. I took it slowly and as I said earlier, got a 88%. I only knew this after school, though and all through my next period I was worried.

In art, I was feeling particularly mopey. I wasn't very enthused to draw. My two best friends from the class, Melissa and Michelle listened to me tell about my crappy day and how tomorrow is my birthday. (They also sit closest to me.) As I was looking down to try to shade details of my brother's hair, they would mouth stuff. By the end of the period, the two, after "doing something for the teacher" emerged with this huge card , balloons and candy. Everyone in the class's signatures were on the card with this giant panda and happy birthday on the front. It was adorable and so sweet! Yes, it definitely made my day exponentially brighter. :D

The final bell had rung and I was smiling again. I made strides towards my bus, ready to get home, when I hear Aniesa from behind me calling my name. I turn around, and lo and behold, she has one of the containers of cupcakes. She explained that the teacher hadn't known who they belonged to and allowed the kids to have some, yet she had just come from that teacher's class and was able to retrieve what was left.

Man, it was all one helluva day. Tomorrow should be sweetawesome. I'm hanging with Nikki. [:

October 06, 2009

Blue whale.

Book club was less than stellar today. Not only had I not read the book (I tried skimming throughout the school day; no dice) but then I ended up ruining the content for a signed copy of the book as well as the picture of the group. We redid both to correct them, but at the time of each I could almost literally feel my self-esteem reach sharp rock bottom. I've recovered, though.

The best news of all, though? I HAVE A "B" IN MATH NOW!!! Thank you for all the words of encouragement everyone along the way. They helped bunches! Oh man, it is such a relief. I'd go into detail about the exact grades except I know my UK readers will be lost as it is. A "B", in words, is considered above average, and an "A" is considered outstanding. So, yes, this is good news.

The deadline for a pencil drawing of my brother is this Friday. If I work on it enough the next two days, I'll definitely be done and will take a picture before I hand it in. I've started brainstorming for my free-form watercolor and if I thought could well, I'd describe it.

Only four more days until I get to see my best friend. It feels like an eternity until then. I sincerely hope everyone is doing well and I shall comment back as soon as possible.

Ah, and I can't forget to mention that we placed first at the Academic Team meet last night! Denny's afterwards was on the more lame side because we didn't have enough people to play mafia. (It's a card game. A really, really, fun one. Check it out if you haven't already.)

October 02, 2009

Does my hair make you feel weird?

I'm having a bad case of the missing-your-best-friend-itis. Just eight more days.

My high school's second home football game of the school year was tonight. We won!! I went and was spotted by a friend of mine, Ally, that goes to another school. So her, her friend, Mia, and I hung out. Only downfall was this group of seniors that kept adding more and more friends to their throng, pushing us three into horrible seats. Highlight was we sat almost directly next to the band section and the music was invigorating.

I am going to Homecoming. I started out this week pretty sure I wasn't going to. Then on Tuesday I wasn't so adamant. By Wednesday, people were asking me left and right if I was planning to attend and trying to get me to come. Finally, on Thursday, Aniesa was suckered into going, who in turn suckered Puja and they both suckered me. Regardless, I think I'm going to have a fun time. The theme is Candyland. I have yet to buy a dress. Thankfully, there is still time. It is about two weeks away.

My overall average for math now is a C. A low C, but a C nonetheless. We've been granted the opportunity to retake any test per nine weeks and that makes me happy to no end. I'm signed up to come in early in the morning to redo the test I failed over "silly mistakes" on Monday. I still have a shot at raising it to a B. Thus, this weekend is mainly devoted to studying. It is also the reason I'm writing this now as quickly and concisely as I can.

My art teacher said she'd take pictures of the coconuts herself. I'll keep you guys updated and I'll be sure to ask for a copy of the photo she takes. My turtles drawing is off to display at an event and I'm very close to completing the drawing of my brother. Good grief, I've been talking about it for ages now. About darn time, right?

I'm stoked because I joined this club at my school that is technically the online literary magazine. I have yet to divulge I have a blog and am, in this aspect, computer/technologically savvy. (Even at that, I'm nothing compared to say, my oldest brother.) Anyway, I said I'd be more a photographer and artist for it, but have written up a few things I'll submit.

Squirrel! I'm glad I got this shot. I've been missing a lot of butterflies lately. Timing is practically everything.

Oh, and Happy October! Haha, as if the month itself is a holiday. It should be, it really should.