December 29, 2010

Adventure time.

I went on a lovely adventure with Emilia today. She had received a Pentax DSLR camera for Christmas and she turned to me for tips because apparently I'm the best photographer she knows. I'm also super duper sweetawesome*.

Thus my first, quote unquote, photography lesson to her was incorporated into this first proper hangout of ours since one day during the summer. We practiced by taking photos of the surroundings and portraits of each other. Here are some of my results.
The only downfall, if you want to call it that, was the fact the park was right near a village. That meant while standing and snapping photos on one of the docks, several characters came by. And when I say characters, I mean various homeless people. I noted they are often hard to talk to because of their eccentric-ness** though they're human, too and therefore aren't any less deserving of being talked to. One homeless man we encountered yelled "WHY YOU IN THE CORNER OVER HERE? YOU SMOKING POT?" to these two teenage guys, which made Emilia and I strain to contain our laughter. Next thing we knew, he was walking towards us, quoting Shakespeare. He then proceeded to take a swig of some unidentified alcoholic beverage whilst standing atop a bench. Emilia was quick to inform me friends had seen this fellow before and said his usual get-up is a cowboy hat complete with a cape. Like I said, eccentric***.
Emilia had us trekking back across this riverfront park in search for her lens cap she sworn she'd put in her bag, but ultimately was in her pocket. I did then -- and will continue to for the foreseeable future -- give her a hard time for it. We headed into the village to grab a bite to eat and continued chatting about our lives. We discussed her perceived persona as too-deep-for-you and mulled over the notion that you can't force friendships and one shouldn't be obligated to get to know someone better if one's not interested in doing so. We also reminisced about our respective childhoods as the kids of today swarmed the nearby playground. It's hard to believe that we're old enough to drive**** and how much more complicated our lives can become.

*I'm ego trippin'.
**Well, more so their drunkenness. And lack of proper hygiene.
***And drunk.
****Fun fact: despite being a grade younger than yours truly, Emilia will be licensed to drive before I am. I should probably get my learner's permit soon.

December 25, 2010

I'm lucky.

I've tried to write this entry several times now and every time I was not coherent. I must be drunk...on Christmas cheer! (Yes, I'm aware my dorkiness transcends the medium.)

So my plan B is to just categorize the information.

Presents: Calendars. Panda necklaces. Rolos. Finger lights. Gift cards.

Playing board/card games with brothers: Fluxx. Monopoly Deal. Speed. Rummy. Nintendo Monopoly. Nintendo Yahtzee. Last Word. Clue.

Eating: Glazed cinnamon rolls. Macadamia nut cookies. Hard boiled eggs. Goldfish. Christmas dinner.

Happy Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy Holidays to all!

December 20, 2010

Lying in your attic, I can feel the static.

I feel like Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked me in the head and felt no remorse for doing so. The jerk. Basically, headaches, 101.4 fevers, sore throats and runny noses are not the best way to begin your winter vacation.

I must've slept approximately 18 hours on Saturday. That was exactly what I needed after a week of exams. Tuesday I had my art exam, which was literally just working on our latest project, a surrealistic watercolor painting based off a collage we composed. I've since taken it home to work on this break, but it remains untouched. I hate working on anything with tissues stuffed up my nostrils. I guess that's true for anyone.

Wednesday was interesting. I managed to miss setting my alarm and thus slept in until 9:30 a.m. At this time, I was supposed to be at school, already halfway through my physics exam. I woke up in a sheer panic and shouted expletives I need not repeat. I've had dreams of being tardy, but never, ever, in my life, have I actually overslept. My mom called the school and I got dressed quickly. Luckily, my physics teacher let me make up the exam after school, no hassle. Apparently all my classmates were freaking out that I wasn't there to originally take it, though. I also had my English exam that day, and since I put in a good effort, I should have an A. (There's no way our teacher was reading all our critical commentaries and our creative writing portion.)

Thursday was AICE Biology and AICE Math. AICE Bio was not nearly as difficult as I had thought it would be. Regardless, I'm pretty sure my semester grade is a B. B is for bummer. Math went alright and I learned I got an 85, which if I did my calculations right, means I was just three points short from earning an A for the semester. I can't seem to figure out if my teacher added in any extra credit or what.

Friday I had my Spanish 3 exam. That was fairly easy except that conjugations were muddled in my mind. I also had my AICE European History exam in the afternoon. I aced that bamf. Pfft, I didn't even need a word bank for those fill in the blank questions.

I am incredibly glad it's all over with and now I have the next two weeks or so to relax. It's hard to beat.

I've recently fallen in love with this song.

Good luck to everyone still toughing exams and Happy Holidays, everyone!

December 12, 2010


I have just five more, albeit stressful, days until my winter break commences. I must admit, I'm most looking forward to snuggling up under my covers and reading.

I have two tests tomorrow morning, neither of which should be too hard. They both certainly pale in comparison to the rest of the week which will be spent taking midterms or studying for them. I really want to get an A for the semester in math and biology. I have to keep reminding myself not to blow a gasket if I end up with a B, though.


December 05, 2010

Oh, and another one comes down.

I was only a measly two days into the art-a-day challenge when I gave up, which is exactly what I did with NaNoWriMo. I'm disappointed in myself.

I'm also a mixture of disappointed and frustrated with myself because I waited so long to complete my glossary for history, which may sound easy, but is actually very time consuming. We must the select the 50 terms to define and state their significance. I think I just need to suck it up.

Anyway, here are some photos from the outfit I wore on Friday; I wanted to document it.

(jeans - j.c. penney's, jacket - kohl's, blouse - forever 21, belt - forever 21, boots - woman within)

Have a good Sunday.

December 02, 2010

Colorful leaves.

Leaves collected from my backyard during Thanskgiving break on paper.

Fall usually starts in November in Florida,
and then there really is no winter because it never snows.
I guess it's a curse and a blessing.

December 01, 2010

Say hello to my furry friend.

I want to challenge myself this December.
I want to post a new piece of art everyday.
I'm hoping this will encourage me to continue creating art.
They'll more likely be entries from my visual journal and not always a major project like the drawing featured below, but you never know what I may be inspired to do, especially come December 18th when I start winter break.

Furry Friend
#2 HB pencil on paper
completed November 28th, 2010

*note: I have since darkened the values on the bunny.

November 30, 2010

Sweet potato.

My English class was more subdued today than it has been in the recent past. Perhaps it was the gloomy weather taking effect upon our dispositions. I was nearly lulled to sleep by the woman narrator reading aloud The Awakening. Listening to a book with an audio tape immediately transported me back to days in elementary school when my class would sit in the secluded shutter room, imagining the scenery depicted in The Cay and The Island of the Blue Dolphins.

The further along we get in The Awakening, the more I like it. Our teacher said that the author, Kate Chopin, did not waste any words; every passage is significant. And so I constantly am looking for the story beneath the surface when reading. At the beginning and end of the period respectively, The New Girl and Annoyingly Talkative gave power point presentations regarding any aspect of The Red Badge of Courage, (for instance, the famous Civil War photographer, Mathew Brady, or The Civil War in general) for extra credit. Sadly, neither presentation was interesting nor fully informative. The former tried to get to cutesy with word art to the point where it was quite illegible and the latter most likely directly copied and pasted from Wikipedia.

I plan to create my own power point this week about the author, Stephen Crane. I can't say I'm looking forward to getting up and talking in front of the class, though. I worry it'd feel like a waste of time, talking to people who probably couldn't care less. I also -- irrationally -- worry people think I'm a snob. To try to counter this, I'm starting to take a back seat to discussions and let others try to answer the questions for once.

After school I went to chess club with my Senior Boyz, which is the affectionate title I've given to the group of senior guys (Zack, Kyle and Robert) that I hang out with on almost daily basis, especially in the mornings. Zack beat me in one match, but then I redeemed myself against a newcomer to the club, James. Good times.

Yet again, history booknotes are beckoning me to work on them. But I don't wannnnnaaaaa.

November 29, 2010

A cast of characters.

I'm not really sure how to preface this. I know for the majority of this school year I've shied away from talking about my grades and classes. Actually, scratch that. I've complained almost non-stop about the trials and tribulations of junior year. You must be getting sick of it. I suppose what I meant to say was that I've never really gone into specifics. I never talked about Academic Team practices and matches that occurred on a bi-weekly basis, nor how thanks to AICE Biology, I over analyze simple processes, like taking medicine. I think about how if I drink more water when I take aspirin, it'll absorb into my blood faster and therefore be more efficient and how pain is really all in the head so do I really need aspirin? It's quite annoying, actually.

I also have not written about my English class. I often find myself the passive observer to the madness that ensues during this class. I don't particularly mind this because sometimes eavesdropping on conversations is more fun. It certainly is easier; no pressure on my part to contribute. If you think it's rude of me to do so, you might also say it's rude for my classmates to talk with their outside voices whilst inside. Especially this one kid, (referred to below as Obnoxious Jerk) who really thinks he's the bee's knees.

This is the one class I have without any good friends. In fact, it is the first class I've shared with several people that I had only heard rumor of or seen briefly in the halls. So I guess it's a chance to get to know them better...

I sit in the middle row towards the back. To my left are Hipster One and Hipster Two, Cheerleader One and Cheerleader Two, Crazy Girl, Quiet Kid, Boyfriend of a Friend (BoaF, for short), and Mr. Thin as a Rail. In front of me in my row are Artist, Worker Bee, and The New Girl. Directly behind me is Pack Mule. (That's not meant as an insult, she seriously carries a lot of stuff like a pack mule would.) To my right are Ask-A-Lot, Swimmer, Cute Outfit Girl, Obnoxious Jerk, Video Game Enthusiast, One Dimension, Extremely Long Winded and Descriptive When She Writes, Future Actress, Football Star, Miss Priss and, last but not least, Annoyingly Talkative.

I find it rather disheartening that nearly everyone, save my row, cheats during the weekly vocabulary tests. I just don't understand why. Who doesn't know what "subtle" means by 11th grade? It also bothers me when Hipster Two will be texting the entirety of the class. She tries to hide it in her purse atop her desk, but honestly, who does she think she is fooling? I guess I find it extra aggravating because I can see it out of the corner of my eye when I'm just trying to watch something on the projector.

But I digress.

Ah, history booknotes are calling my name, regrettably.

November 26, 2010

Thank you.

Yeah, I forgot to give my hand-turkey wings.
It happens.
Happy Thanksgiving/Black Friday, everyone!
I am thankful for just about everything.
Except for football constantly being on TV.
That, my friends, I could live without.
Still, I'm glad my brothers are home.

November 21, 2010

My heart is like a marching band.

I've had a somewhat eventful week.

Aniesa's birthday scavenger hunt on Wednesday was not as epic as I would've hoped, but she loved it nonetheless. The hunt concluded with various gifts from friends. My gift to her was a pretty cross/Bible locket and Butterfingers, her favorite candy. I figured she'd appreciate the locket because she is heavily involved with her Church youth group and since I usually wear "the coolest" necklaces, (according to friends and her, haha) that she would think of me when she wore it.
I finally finished my most recent art project: a creative color wheel and an album cover on a record! I chose to do the latter for my favorite band at the moment, Freelance Whales.
I went and saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 with Puja, Aniesa, Regina, Andrea and Zach yesterday afternoon!! It was such an amazing film! We went to Coldstone creamery afterward, where a cute boy proceeded to take my order and make me a delicious smoothie. Then my friends and I took pictures and everyone left, except Regina, who I was giving a ride home. Her and I went to Books-A-Million and talked about life. (And, just to clarify, I'm wearing white tights in the picture below. I'm not that ghostly pale, thank you very much!)
I have school tomorrow. Gross. At least it's only for two days?

November 14, 2010

Takin' care of business.

Is it really Sunday? Do I actually have school tomorrow? Having Thursday off as a holiday (Happy Veteran's Day?) but then still having school Friday has messed with my internal clock somehow. Oh, and Daylight Savings Time has been tripping me up, too. Strangely, I miss it being dark outside when I wake up at 7 a.m.

Bad news aside, I've been pretty content with my life. I'm looking forward to seeing both my brothers next week and generally just enjoying a proper break off from school. None of this on a day, off a day crap.
This, my dear friends, is a zentangle I made. As you can see, I drew a design in one section and have now sent it along to the lovely Aren in a package filled with other goodies. I was wondering, though, how many other bloggers would like to fill in a section? Please e-mail me at if you are and we can sort out the details! I think this could be awesome.

Now if you'll excuse me, I must go plan an epic scavenger hunt for Aniesa's birthday. Catch you cool cats on the flip side.

November 07, 2010

Time is fleeting.

Here are some photos I've taken and then neglected to share.
The rest of these are from my very first photoshoot ever! They feature the lovely Annie.

I hope everyone is well.

November 03, 2010

Robots in disguise.

Happy Halloween, (retroactively)!

Nikki's birthday is November 1st so for the past several years we've hung out/celebrated together. Last year we went and saw Paranormal Activity together. It might've made perfect sense to go see the sequel this year, but instead, I threw her an awesome Transfomers-themed party complete with an Optimus Prime cake (that I made and hand decorated, no less)... Optimus Prime pinata that she refused to bust open...
...along with Trasformers-themed plates, napkins, noisemakers, cups...
...a Transformers tablecloth...
...and a Bumblebee light-up banner!
After all the excitement, we went trick-or-treating in her neighborhood. My candy haul was pretty bad this year. What gives!? Most popular candy received: Butterfinger.

Guess who gets to write an approximately four page analysis of Patrick Henry's famous speech to the Virginia House of Burgesses tomorrow in only 40 minutes? That's right; yours truly. I also have a math test and a physics lab due. Fan-freakin'-tastic.

P.S. I decided to participate in NaNoWriMo this year. Pretty much I have no idea what possessed me to think that I'd be capable of writing a 50,000 word novel. You guys know I'm stressed as it is. I'm so silly. But, you should let me know if you're doing it as well. We can become writing buddies!

October 27, 2010

The roof, the roof. The roof is on fire.

Yesterday, as celebration for getting a perfect score on state standardized writing test, I went with fellow classmates (who achieved the same) to a Japanese steak house for lunch. Better yet, it was on the principal's dime. What an awesome experience! A man came out and used the hibachi grill and everything. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it is because I mentioned the prospect of being awarded with lunch during a vlog back in June.
They had amazing art there! I wish I could've gone around and taken more pictures of it, but that would've been borderline strange. Besides, then I would've missed the great debate over the symbolism represented in this particular piece. I remember hearing something about sky swans?
This is was delicious looks like. I had already begun to chow down on my fried rice before I took this picture and was eager to try the chicken. We were also served a side soup, a small salad with ginger dressing, and some cooked vegetables -- so yummy.

Well, I want to write more but I'm sick and thus sleep trumps blogging.


October 23, 2010

Rainbow barfing pandas.

This past week was spirit week at school, which means if I felt like spending $25 to dance badly to songs I only vaguely know and watching guys and girls practically exchange STDs while participating in a grind train, I would be at homecoming right now. Alas, I figured going to dinner at Olive Garden with friends (all of whom were to attend homecoming later this evening, but that's beside the point) would be better. I wore a pretty outfit, then came home, watched Glee and thought about doing my physics homework but failed to actually complete it. Yet. Oh man, I also have math. Good thing it's only Saturday. (Scratch that, my mom just came into my room and glared at me after I told her I have not being doing homework. Sometimes, I think lying would be so much easier.)

Okay, I think that first photo needs an explanation now. Well, Thursday of spirit week was Noah's Ark Day or twin animal day. My friend Kaitlin and I decided to go as rainbow barfing pandas. It made sense to us. My make-up came out scarier than I thought it would, but I thought our outfits were awesome and creative. As you can imagine, we got mixed comments. One girl in my Spanish class asked if I was a lesbian panda and others certainly said or at least thought "wtf?" For all that face paint I had to wash off, I think it was worth it.

I've decided with the cooler weather that I want tights, berets and nail polish in my life. If Puja was reading this she'd say I sound like a such a girl and I wonder if that's a bad thing. So what if I want to have a fashion sense and say guys are cute and other girl-esque things? Saying that reminds me that I hardly ever talk about crushes or guys on here anymore, and in retrospect the main reasons I got an AOL blog in the first place was to have somewhere to write such things. I guess times are changing or I've just succumbed to writing ambiguous posts on tumblr that really only serve to prove I have no love life. Yeah, moving on.

The first quarter at school is already over and I got two B's on my report card. I feel like I could do better, though I know colleges only care about your semester grades. Still, lowered self esteem sucks.

Anyway, I wish I had more exciting things to fill you guys in on and I wasn't such a downer! Take care, everyone.

October 15, 2010

Sweetawesome 16.

My 16th birthday was on 10.10.10.
What an honor.
My birthday and its related festivities this past weekend served to remind me that my life is meaningful and that I have friends who love and care about me dearly.
I didn't do much on my actual birthday besides relax and respond to birthday wishes on Facebook, which was perfectly fine with me.
No stress (albeit temporary) is good, y'know?
Saturday, though, I saw The Social Network with good friends and then shopped with my mom.
Life is great.
I swear, outlook is everything.