April 30, 2010

Goodbye, BEDA.

I'm attending a leadership seminar tomorrow. I don't quite know what to expect besides that it "will feature speakers who are local leaders in business, science, education, government and other professions," and the theme is "2010, Leadership for Change". I have mixed feelings about giving up a Saturday and sleeping in to do this. I'll take one for the team?

I've been researching various vintage cameras like the Diana+. I want one. Is this unreasonable?

This is my last day of BEDA. I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. I only missed two days out of the whole 30. I appreciate those who commented, and especially those who commented frequently. It made it all worthwhile.

Today in math class we had to write a five paragraph essay. Eww. The prompt was if we had the power to change three things about our school, what would they be and why. Ingeniously I said I'd get rid of the mandatory writing of a five paragraph essay each grading period. I'm such a rebel. The kid that sits next to me wrote about how the lights should be replaced with candles. None of us took it really seriously.

Have a fantastic weekend!

April 29, 2010


My grandfather named his Mii that on our Wii. Next. He says he may change his name to that because then lines would be a breeze. He's a clever man. Random fact: I have his distinct, pointy chin.

Anyway, with less than four weeks to go, school is almost over. Our last day is May 21st! Unfortunately, that doesn't mean I won't have to show up on odd days after that to sit for my Cambridge/IGCSE exams. Ah, those make me a nervous wreck.

Meanwhile, I'm eagerly awaiting my yearbook. We should be getting it soon. Apparently the publisher had manged to misspell our school name so there's been a delay. No one's perfect?

My next year courses are going to be challenging, but I think I'm up for it. I wasn't going to sacrifice a fun elective, thus I'm taking Drawing and Painting 3. (It's an added bonus that the fantastic teacher I've had the past two years will be staying instead of retiring.)
AICE English Language, AICE World History, AICE Biology, AICE Math, Spanish 3 and pre-AICE Physics.

What is AICE, you ask? This will tell you more.

April 28, 2010

Sharpie pens.

Have nothing to do with this entry. They're just placed on my desk next to my computer. So naturally, for lack of a better title, I wrote what I saw.

There were two notable events today. Notable event number one: numerous compliments on my mustache necklace from ModCloth.com and notable event number two: attending an awards ceremony that recognizes excellent kids in schools nearby, myself included. The latter is a ceremony held bi-annually and I've been going to it nearly every year since Kindergarten (I was recognized for being a poetry contest winner.)

My mom and brother started watching Sherlock Holmes without me and I don't feel like watching it now. I don't feel like much of anything...

April 27, 2010

Look at my grades!

Drawing and Painting 2 -- There's no grade listed. There are two asterisks, though. Curious.
Spanish 2 -- A
Pre-AICE English Lit -- A
Pre-AICE Math 3 -- B
Pre-AICE Chemistry -- A
Health Opportunities through Physical Education (HOPE) -- A
Pre-AICE U.S. History -- A

I'm currently working on a commentary/analysis of two poems. Fuunnnnn. (I'm being sarcastic when I say that, but partially genuine.)

Thus, I shall cut this short.

April 26, 2010

Down the rabbit hole.

Aniesa kindly brought me a Hot Fudge Sundae pop-tart today. Finally, I'm cultured! And now I can stop getting the shocked looks I got when I told people I'd never had one before. I'm not sure they'll become my favorite snack, but perhaps from time to time I'll indulge.

I'm excited for my Catcher in the Rye themed art project. Meanwhile, I've thought about doing something Alice in Wonderland themed as well. Here's a sneak peak:
As evident by the shadow, the pictured Alice is a pop-up and can be flattened when the cardboard is folded closed. It won't be as amazing as the pop-up book made by Robert Sabuda, though. No way, Jose.

I'm extremely close to being done with my homeless man project. My teacher has been having me add things bit by bit to improve upon it so hopefully it will turn out extra awesome.

This Monday wasn't that bad. Still, Tuesday can be better.

April 25, 2010

Are you feeling fine?

Yes, I feel just fine.

I slipped into a pseudo-coma Friday night at 9:00 pm until 12:00 pm Saturday. Fifteen hours of sleep is a lot to someone who averages six hours of sleep on weekdays. I think I need to make this long sleep a regular part of my weekend. It was pleasant, minus the waking up with a dry mouth part.

Thanks to my brother, I know have the song, "You're The Best" from The Karate Kid stuck in my head. What a great fight anthem. Note to self: that's what I need to play if I ever learn to kick box. Or how to do karate, for that matter.

My group/team withdrew from the sand sculpting contest that would've happened this past Saturday because we were woefully unprepared. Next year we shall try to actually have a design started two days before the competition.

I'm going to watch Fantastic Mr. Fox now. Have a lovely week, everyone!

April 22, 2010

Happy Earth day!

I thought I'd write about saving the planet since I passionately care about the issue. However, I'm thoroughly tired after babysitting. FYI, getting kids to do their homework is a pain. Every time I babysit this particular family that I babysat tonight, the mother is quick to tell me "be sure to seriously wait to have kids." I know. Oh, I know.

Little kids are adorable, though. The younger of the two I babysat tonight especially. And as exhausting as it is, a small part of me enjoys riding scooters and reliving my childhood through Spongebob episodes.

Sleep and a sweet dream beacons.

April 21, 2010

Sore throats are the worst.

I have a math quiz tomorrow which I'm just dying to get over with. But you know how it goes: I stress no matter what.

Here's the version of my bottle cap tree, complete with tissue paper, that I entered into an Arbor Day art contest,. As I said the other day, I won 3rd place. I went to pick up my prize today. Woot!
I want to do a few things to touch it up, yet I'm proud of it. I liked my idea and am very glad I carried it out. I'm $20 richer because of it. Now I can use the money to pay for the mattes and canvases I've gotten from my teacher. It's a cycle, that's for sure.

I wish I didn't have a cold. Blegh. And if wishes were fishes...oh, you finish it!

April 20, 2010

It's one of those nights.

I've spent most of my time texting my best friend, watching YouTube videos and enjoying not having any homework. I'm living the good life.

I'm accepting my award for the arbor day contest tomorrow evening. Also, if possible, I'll be getting a hair-cut in the afternoon. My bangs need snipping. They are just about at their awkward length where no matter how you wear them, you look like a fool.

I really want to go to the beach. I get my big chance this weekend-- more or less -- because I'm going with fellow advanced art classmates to compete in a sand sculpting contest. It should be fun. It's one of those things you have to do once. If I hate it, I'll just never ever do it again. Simple as that.

April 19, 2010


I went for an invigorating bike ride this early evening. I think I might try to make it a habit. After all, I could stand to be in better shape.

Today I missed two classes because of four guest speakers for history. All were Vietnam War, er, conflict, veterans ready to share their stories. One man went through a heckuva lot in the same 36 hours. First, he managed to get severely wounded out on the field. He described and gestured that he had shrapnel all along his left side. As expected, he was treated and bandaged all up good as new and back serving his duty as a truck driver. However, just as he was about to unload his first box of ammo at one site, a missile launches into the truck (a direct hit!) and he is propelled into the air to some 50 odd feet away. In the process he managed to lose his entire left arm. Fortunately, he received medical treatment and someone found his arm. He was injected with more morphine than necessary and the doctor failed to mark his forehead with an 'M'. This causes the man's heartbeat to decrease enough to fool the doctor into pronouncing him dead. He's then shipped to a death ward inside a body bag --with his arm still detached -- only to open his eyes later. Then he's finally operated on! This doctor successfully sews his arm back on, but doesn't think the man will last very long. He's put in a helicopter to be transported yet another place when the helicopter is shot down.

Moral of the story: don't travel anywhere with this man.

Anyway, it was an incredible experience. I appreciate those who served in Vietnam.

Math homework, here I come.

April 18, 2010

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

(via here.)

As much fun as it's been to write an update on my life everyday, BEDA is getting somewhat tiresome. It's probably become tedious to you too, dear readers. I don't blame you, really. Regardless, I'm going to try to continue so I can stay true to my word. We'll see how it goes.

It was blissful to not have any homework this weekend.

April 17, 2010


Take a look through my lenses. I swear my bangs have a mind of their own.

New header. I took the photo last summer when my family and I took a two-day trip down to Hallandale Beach. I want to go back. That, or at least see the beach nearby.

I just watched Iron Man for the first time. Aah-may-zing! I finally understand why almost everyone of my friends on Facebook and Myspace at the time of its theater release wrote about going to see it.

April 16, 2010


Sleeping in tomorrow sounds awesome.
Good night.
Sweet dreams.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.

April 14, 2010

You had me going for a minute there.

The cake is finished. I have an upset stomach due to the unorthodox amount of frosting I consumed while decorating it, though.

The cake had to fit one of the three categories: One, a book cover. Two, incorporate the theme "communities thrive at your libraries." Three, a book character. I chose the third and did Napoleon from Animal Farm. Here's a picture, as requested:

And two more for good measure.
You couldn't tell in the first photo, but there's a barn, too -- made out of Twizzlers!
That's a famous quote of Napoloen's.

This next photo was last year's entry. I think this year's takes the cake by far. (Oh, I couldn't resist.) But I could be bias. What do you think?
I am off to dreamland.

April 13, 2010

The cake's in the oven.

The hours are slipping by! Seriously, where did the night go? My room is a disaster zone and I'm cranky. I went and tutored a friend in math and that went well but now I feel blah.

I am baking and decorating a cake for a, you guessed it, cake decorating contest and that's due Thursday. The only reason I entered was to receive extra credit in English class. I have absolutely no desire to win the grand prize -- a free yearbook -- because I already won one during the pumpkin decorating contest this past fall. Make sense? Point is, I'm not "in it to win it," this go around.

April 12, 2010

Expect the unexpected.

Today went better in the ways I thought it'd go worse and vise versa. Let me explain.

My history presentation went not-quite as planned and I wish I could've thought on my feet on ways to salvage a few points we ultimately lost. Oh, well. The good news is after nearly crying while taking my math quiz (and whining the night before about having to take it), I got a 97 on it. Woot, woot!

Otherwise, I've been a lazy bum. Speaking of bum, though, I'm ALMOST done with my homeless man/social issue art project. I've added more details and a second canvas -- you'll have to see the picture to know what I mean -- but it'll look really cool, I think. Meanwhile I'm in the sketching stage of the next project which I think I said before would be about The Catcher in the Rye somehow.

Interesting sunset.
Also, my brother went to Prom this past Sunday. He told me he had a good time.

April 11, 2010

Anxiety much?

This weekend has been a blur and tomorrow from say, 1:00 until 2:30, will be extremely stressful. Not only do I have to present my beloved history project, I get to take a math quiz. I'm pretty confident with expanding binomials but I should probably still study. Something I'd just love to do yet here I am, tweaking the history power point, adding pictures and editing the video interview I did with my WWII veteran grandfather whom I drew.

If we don't get an A, I will be shocked. I , and the three other non-slackers in my group, have poured a lot of hard work into this. I will hate to see it go to waste.

Have a splendid week, everyone!

April 10, 2010

Out and about.

Today has been a busy day and in a matter of minutes I'll be on my way to babysit.

Last night I saw The Blind Side on DVD and I thought Sandra Bullock played her character convincingly. The story was pretty good, but almost too dramatic? I dunno, I'm not going to be a movie critic and give my critique of it.

April 09, 2010

Kyushu: Key-oo-shoo.

I need to keep practicing the pronunciations of certain Japanese words. Why?

Weelllll, during history class today we had a representative from each project group randomly pick a piece of paper out of a hat. The date on the piece of paper determines the day we must present our projects. Unlucky for us, we got Monday. Of course no one wanted to trade. (Confused? I explain it more here.)

I personally was not there for this and had to be told it five minutes until the end of class, after I returned from the book club gathering. Yeah, I've got a lot of work to do this weekend. Ahuh, because I'm the glue and leader of our group evidently. I mean, when I walked in today they were literally sitting there and not discussing anything. I tried to disguise my unhappiness when the two main slackers of the group declared they couldn't meet Sunday because of "something for Church." I can't wait to see if we can do a peer evaluation. I'd be remorseful for saying they should receive a bad grade (they are my friends) but I was utterly shocked at how lazy they've been! I gave them all this past week to send me research that I'd turn into bullet points on a power point slide that I've STILL yet to receive...and now they can't meet to practice the presentation!?

Yes, let's see if I can keep my head from imploding. I apologize for my ranting and raving, dear friends. Come Tuesday, I will be able to breathe again.

In other news, my bottle-cap tree won 3rd place in an Arbor Day contest! I'll have a picture up here of the finished version, painted background and all, whenever I get it back. I'll also have the prize money, $20, to put in my pocket soon.

I'm going to tell more about the big book club gathering either tomorrow or Sunday. Meanwhile, here's the generalization that anyone could muster: It was fun. :D

Have a good weekend, all.

April 08, 2010

I am the sole surivivor.

Survivor is an interesting show. It was the beginning of reality TV as we know it and for its first few years on the air, I tuned in with my family to watch. After about the seventh season, I drifted and would watch The Amazing Race instead. Then, once that became repetitive and the competitors less likable, I began watching dramas like House, M.D. and most recently, with the resurgence of comedy, 30 Rock and Community.

However, Hulu.com and all of its awesomeness enabled me to see Survivor: Samoa (season 19) right on my computer. I was hooked again. It was no surprise after the announcement of next season, Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, I was going to try to continue to be a dedicated viewer. As predicted, I have been and I'm even watching it on the actual TV with my brother and mom. If you watch it, too, I don't know if it was a mistake to vote out Coach now, but he did nothing to influence anyone any other way to save his behind so basically "too bad, so sad," he's gone. I'm excited to keep watching. I hope the Heroes can keep riding their high until the merge of the tribes.

Now off to watch The Mentalist. Simon Baker is gor-geous!

Oooh, and book club gathering tomorrow! :D

April 07, 2010

I tried.

I don't have much to say. I should be working on my history project yet I want to play Careers with my brother and chat with a friend.

I did my math homework, though. Binomial expansion? Piece of cake. I mean, BRING IT ON.

The only thing I'm looking forward to this week is the big book club gathering at another high school nearby.

April 06, 2010

Let's rewrite history.

Here's the completed drawing of my grandfather I drew! Notice the suggestion of an American flag in the background?My grandfather is a WWII veteran. He served as a second class radio man in the Navy. He knows morse code and would help decipher the various Japanese messages they got.

We're covering WWII in U.S. History class currently and we've been assigned group projects. We must each present an alternate scenario or ending to WWII. We start from August 6th, 1945 and say why the U.S. decided to not drop the bombs that day and ultimately we rewrite history based on loose facts and theories of what could've happened instead. My group got the scenario "what if there was an allied invasion of Japan?"

April 05, 2010

You're just a victim of the circumstance.

The writing club I'm in has finally taken a huge leap towards publishing our work. Sadly, thus far on the wiki page we set up, I'm the only serious contributor. We all have a dedicated page ready to be edited and filled with our various writings. Currently I'm showcasing a short memoir, and two poems, but I want to see and read others'!

This morning I eavesdropped on a conversation in English between three girls and a guy. It made me wonder if my conversations sound so superficial on outsiders listening in. I think if people overheard the ridiculous discussion at lunch today, they would have thought us mad. My friend Garrett said he thought that I will be a goat farmer when I grow up. Yes, a goat farmer. Also I'd apparently acquire a southern accent, (fun fact: Native Floridians do NOT have an accent) whilst being obsessive compulsive about my goats I'll allegedly farm. "White goats here, gray goats there. They must be categorized!" I swear Garrett makes the funniest impressions of me. They are most hilarious because they aren't very accurate and especially today because I was sleep deprived.

Yeah, I need sleep.

April 04, 2010

Now run along, and don't get into mischief.

One of my most vivid memories of preschool is of The Tale of Peter Cottontail being read aloud and this girl, who I did not particularly get along with, being privileged enough to hold the plush Peter and help act out the story.

I also fondly remember wrangling the crazy daisy (pictured below, in case you weren't raised during the 90s like I was. Oh, those were the days.)
(via here.)
from its haphazard spinning with my friend Maddy to wash off our muddy feet. Needless to say the supervisors were not pleased. I think our punishment was no snack, or we were served snack last -- something like that. But I don't hold a grudge.

Today is the first year my family, er, the Easter bunny, decided not to decorate/dye hard boiled eggs and hide them around the house. I also didn't receive a basket upon waking up. Oh, well. It's the price of getting older, right? It doesn't mean I couldn't go to Target with my mom last night and stock up on jelly beans. The toasted marshmallow bean REALLY tastes like a toasted marshmallow. You should try it sometime. I believe it comes in the assortment bag.

I go back to school tomorrow, thus I hope I can keep up with BEDA like I have been. Only time will tell.

Happy Easter!

April 03, 2010

Close to home, far from me.

I had a startling revelation moments ago. I never wrote about seeing The Band of the Irish Guards and the Pipes, Drums and Highland Dancers of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 5th Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (yes, it's a mouthful) perform nearby. It was amazing! It makes me want to try sword dancing. Danger and exercise: the best combination imaginable.

My only complaint was you couldn't always see the faces of the Irish Guards because, like the iconic guards at Buckingham Palace, they wore cylindrical, tall, fur hats.

My mom and I had pretty good seats, almost dead center, --though far enough back to not have to crane our necks-- in the orchestra. I'm glad I went; I had a good time.

My plans with Nikki to hit the beach today were canceled. This whole 'ruined plans' deal is not new for us, and thus I'm only mildly disappointed. The next person who updates their Facebook status with something to the effect of "going to beach AGAIN. I'm so tan. Blah, blah, blah," I may just want to punch. It's that frustrating.

I'm going to try to enjoy the day and a half I have left of spring break.

April 02, 2010

We're all stuck in the middle.

I'm contemplating blogging every day in April. I missed yesterday, but I think I can be dedicated enough to do it for the next twenty-nine days. Writer Maureen Johnson started this event, (acronym-ed BEDA) and I'm excited to participate. Join me?

Today was fairly uneventful. I ate chocolate animal crackers and listened to certain songs on repeat. Tomorrow should be awesome and actually make my spring break worthwhile. I haven't been to the beach in forever.