April 30, 2011

What you've all been waiting for.

I just recently got back from a study session with Puja. We managed to complete two practice math exams and work on our biology worksheet. She and I probably could've accomplished even more if I hadn't kept making stupid arithmetic errors. Besides that, I think I'm going to do well on my AICE Math exam!

Today marks the last day of BEDA 2011 and -- probably -- the last post you'll read from me in a while. I have contemplated essentially 'queuing' or scheduling posts for May. Obviously they would not pertain to specific events, but rather be about movie and book releases I'm looking forward to, songs I've been listening to or pre-recorded vlogs. I'm not sure, though. What do you think?

Last, but not least, here's the stop motion I created of my friends Emilia and Zack! I would love feedback. (I love this Noah and the Whale song, so I flipped out when Shelby had decided to use it for her stop motion to her boyfriend.)

Catch you on the flipside.

April 29, 2011

Dali was eccentric.

I'm finding it hard to translate my entire Dali museum experience into words. Surreal would be a good description, both literally and figuratively, but it's hard to confess how much it moved me. Visually assaulting, I think the phrase our tour guided used was. I stayed completely awed by the scale and immense detail that he achieved in each piece. I have a fresher appreciation of art now. At the gift shop I bought a few postcards, a magnet, a bookmark* and a temporary Dali mustache tattoo. 'Cause I'm cool like that.
After the museum we traveled to Ybor City to eat at Columbia Restaurant, the oldest and largest Spanish restaurant in the United States. The food was delicious, the conversation between friends enjoyable and the decorum breathtaking.
*My mom specifically requested one.

I can hardly believe that April, and thus BEDA, is almost over.

Have a good weekend, everyone!

April 28, 2011

The Dali Museum was surreal.

My morning bus ride to the museum was not nearly as productive as I'd have hoped. Unless you count playing cards as productive, in which case I was very productive.

We arrived in St. Petersburg, Florida around 9:30 a.m.. After a relatively short wait outside, we physically entered the Dali museum, found our docent and began our tour. Once we entered the collection galleries I wasn't allowed to take pictures. Fortunately, there's this thing called the internet which allows you to search and find images of the pieces.

**Okay, I spent way to much time getting distracted and chatting with friends. Here are some pictures from the day and I suppose I'll post more about what I felt and experienced tomorrow.

April 27, 2011

Titles are for squares.

I'm getting quite excited for my Spanish field trip to the Dali Museum tomorrow. When possible, I'll try to take pictures. It's all the way across the state so the bus ride is about two and half hours both ways. And if it's like my Biology field trip, everyone will be sleeping on the ride over in the morning. In other words, it's the perfect time to work on history booknotes I've neglected! That and draw silly faces on people. Nah, I wouldn't do that...

Okay, can I also just mention how frustrating it is how when I don't procrastinate, yet the teacher does? Our final As I Lay test on Monday was pushed back to Friday and while everyone else is super friggin' excited because they couldn't find time earlier to read the sparknotes and now they can, I've already finished reading the actual book and am probably forgetting what's happened. Le sigh.

The ACT today was not too difficult; I feel confidant I did pretty good. Scores are available in 5 to 8 weeks so I'm forgetting about it until then. I shall instead focus on AICE exams that I want to ace.*

I've been working on the stop motion and am almost done! You can probably expect to see it Friday or Saturday, depending when I have time.

Talk to you tomorrow. I give you far warning, though, it may be posted from my phone so pretend that things are capitalized and what not.

*Fine, even I will admit that was pretty lame.

April 26, 2011


Tomorrow I take the ACT*. I'm not nervous, just incredibly superstitious. For instance, I worry if I go to bed earlier my body will not be used to it. I think that I will end up more tired in the morning versus the afternoon, which is bad for the test. Is there any logic to this notion? Probably not. That's what I mean: superstition. Sadly, I can't even help it. It's like an unhealthy mental disease.

Thursday is my Spanish field trip to the Salvidor Dali museum and Friday there are 80 kajllion** tests and quizzes to take. I'm encouraged to finish this quarter out strong, though. My interim report has all A's, including a 106% in Biology. I'm starting to think making those extra credit pamphlets on infectious diseases was one of the best decisions of my life.

*AND I get out of school early.
**Spell check refuses to recognize thisas a word, which is absurd. Even more absurd, it recommends I replace it with pavilion. Who do you think you are, spell check?***
**Let me iterate: unhealthy mental disease.

April 25, 2011

C'mon, grab your friends.

I had a lovely time hanging with and taking photos of Zack and Emilia yesterday. The two have been dating for a little over a year now and I swear, they are just too adorable! Both play ukulele so I asked them to bring 'em and I crawled around in the grass snapping shots. I took 233 photos in total; most of which are going to be used in the stop motion video I'm going to make. I seriously can't think of better way to spend my Sunday afternoon.
(More photos -- plus stop motion -- to come in later posts, I promise.)

See you on the flip side.

P.S. Tonight in J.C. Penney's I overheard a conversation where the lady said, "I hope it's not scrubbed" and I think it's neat how I knew exactly what she was talking about -- the shuttle launch might be delayed. I think anyone not living near the Space Center, though, would have a hard time understanding that localized jargon. Are there any phrases or terms specific to your region, town, state, etc.?

April 24, 2011

Dinosaur picture.

Like Strawberry, I have a terrible headache and I am not up to blogging about my day.

So I'll turn the tables: How'd you spend your Easter, readers?

April 23, 2011

I just haven't met you yet.

My day was ripe with adventure!

Following my study session with Puja at her house in the morning, we drove to the movie theater where we met up with Jackie and Aniesa. We decided to see Hanna. I must say, the cinematography was stunning and the music electrifying, which I guess in part makes up for the lack of a comprehensive plot. The self-proclaimed pansies of the group, Puja and Aniesa, jumped at the "scary" parts and the four of us shared laughs at somewhat inappropriate moments. It's gory and violent so it's not one for the kiddies, but among friends it was amusing and entertaining in a strange way.

Afterwards we trekked to the frozen yogurt shop. It was my first time there and it was divine. I snapped some photos though Jackie refused to be in them.

I went back to Puja's for another study session and then came home. I really should've done history glossary, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Heck, I still can't.

Earlier this evening my mom and went and saw the Yale Whiffenpoofs perform. They interspersed the songs they sang with hysterical comedic bits, including one where they took turns introducing themselves and this one said he was Ron Weasley and double majoring in Transfiguration and Hermione Granger. They performed this, joking about how it was the song that got them eliminated from The Sing Off. They're so, so talented!

Seriously, I've had such an awesome day! I hope everyone is having a great weekend as well.

April 22, 2011


I had an idea for a different kind of post today but I was too much of a lazy bum to execute it. Next time, friends.

Instead I watched the season finale of Parenthood. It made me bawl my eyes out like a two-year-old. The writers of the show do a good job of making characters genuine and human.

Instead I read a few chapters of As I Lay Dying because I need to finish the book by Tuesday. A lot of assignments for my classes are due Tuesday and then for the rest of the school year it's revision for our AICE exams. My first one is May 9th? May 7th? One of the two. In other words, sooner than I would like nor imagine.

Instead I planned a study session for tomorrow with Puja and talked to Emilia about Sunday.

Instead I started to read The Mortal Instruments 4: City of Fallen Angels. Thoughts so far: too much description!

Instead I said I'd babysit tonight.

I'll catch you cool cats tomorrow.

April 21, 2011

Happy birthday, James McAvoy!

Where has the week gone? (I can say this because I have tomorrow off from school. Three day weekends are the best.)

We're watching the movie Dead Poets Society in English class. I figured if you'd never heard of it, you should watch the trailer, but then I realized it was essentially an ad for Robin Williams and recommend you just read this instead. I like the movie so far.

I was nominated and elected to be President of Mu Alpha Theta (math tutoring organization) next year. I'm a nerd and thus excited by the prospect of this.

I was tagged by the always hilarious Natalie to take this quiz.

What did you do 10 years ago?
Dressed barbies, annoyed my older brothers, and played rec soccer generally.

What did you do one year ago?
This. (Now I'm glad I did BEDA last year too.)

Five snacks that you like?
Goldfish, strawberries, popcorn, salad (does that count?) and Sun Chips.

Five songs which you know the whole lyrics to?
Maybe I'm Just Tired -- As Tall As Lions, Your Ex-Lover Is Dead -- Stars, Read My Mind -- The Killers, Awkward Kisser -- Telekinesis!, and Little Secrets -- Passion Pit.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire?
Travel to Scotland. Set aside money for my parents. Donate to UNICEF. Visit all the art museums in the world. Save.

Five bad habits?
Saying sorry when it's unnecessary. Correcting others publicly. Putting off homework to the morning. Wasting time on Facebook. Never finishing certain art projects.

Five things you like to do?
Meet people. Write. Read. Create something artistic/creative. Watch movies and TV.

Five things you would never dress in or buy?
Heels (unless my life absolutely depended on it). Short shorts. Bangles. Tube tops. Earrings.

Five favorite toys?

Phone. Wii. Computer. Camera. Can't think of a fifth toy.

Five people I'd like to see taking this quiz?
Anyone that says they will. Don't make me choose just five!

My outfit today:
Dress -- Forever 21, sandals -- Zappos

Have a good weekend!

April 20, 2011

"He's obviously not in AP. He probably can't even spell AP.''

April is an incredibly busy month. It certainly makes blogging every day difficult, but I hope that I've produced reasonably quality blogs given the circumstances. Kayley does have a good point. Isn't this process stifling my creativity? More importantly, though, I've put pressure on you readers to comment every single day and I'm sorry if this has ever turned into a chore. I've done my best to keep the content interesting and comment worthy. If it wasn't either of the two, that's fine; if there's nothing to say, then there's nothing say.

Regardless, I promise to lay off while I'm testing during May. Seriously, I probably won't even touch a computer for the entire month except to watch Biology videos or plan study groups via Facebook. And if I do blog, it will all read as stress because that's what I'll feel. This year the exams I take are important -- they're worth college credit if I pass -- and I am determined to have made it worth my while.

On another note, I received 2nd place and $30 in an Arbor Day art contest! I won third last year for my bottle cap tree. This year, I hand carved the artwork out of dry wall, painted it and added tissue paper for more effect.

April 19, 2011

Total blegh nevermore.

today was a long day and i have had no time to write this on a computer. as i said in my vlog i had to take science fcat today. thankfully i never have to take any fcat again. ever. the test itself was easy and our proctor was amusing. he is a serious health enthusiast (read: hippie) complete with long hair in a ponytail, an acoustic guitar in his room and a ying yang banner hanging in the corner. i hope i have him as a teacher for econ and american gov next year. he seems just as crazy as i am. obviously friends of mine do not want to put up with his antics, but frankly i do not mind if he does stretches in the middle of class. oh, and he's not unattractive. ;)

i should go to bed now.

April 17, 2011

Don't wake me up.

I finished my glass mosaic of pandas today.
Whatcha think?

This weekend went by WAY too quickly.

April 16, 2011

What if you could see my heart?

Today was a good day. I woke up around eight and then spent time planning a photoshoot with Zack and Emilia. I suggested also creating a stop motion video and hopefully that can be managed. I'm inspired by my friend Karen's beautiful stop motion of Kyle and his girlfriend Mackenzie, but I haven't decided on a song to use. While I like "Oh No, I Tried" by Right Away, Great Captain it may not have the right tempo nor convey the emotions I want. Any ideas?

I went shopping with my mom but otherwise my day has been a cycle of: lazing around, doing homework, repeat. Hurray for weekends!

P.S. I think I'm going to save my full review of The Conspirator for April 25th on Mix Tape so be sure to check that out if you're interested!

April 15, 2011


I just got back from seeing The Conspirator with my mom. It was intensely good! Definitely worth my time, money, and wait. Oh, let's just say I've known that James McAvoy was involved with it for at least a year, maybe two.

I wish I felt coherent enough to write more. Alas, I'm tired beyond wits end. Tomorrow is another day.

Here's some pictures instead.
Wednesday's outfit:
Hair clip -- Forever 21, shirt -- Kohl's, necklace -- Forever 21, skirt -- Forever 21, tights -- Target, shoes -- Wal-Mart, ring -- Forever 21, nail polish -- Forever 21

Today's outfit:
Hair clip -- Forever 21, Sunglasses -- ModCloth, shirt -- Forever 21, tank -- Target, shorts -- Forever 21, shoes -- Shoe Carnival, nail polish -- Forever 21

April 14, 2011

I don't recall a single care.

Squeaky swings and tall grass
The longest shadows ever cast
The water's warm and children swim
And we frolicked about in our summer skin

I don't recall a single care
Just greenery and humid air
Then Labor day came and went
And we shed what was left of our summer skin

On the night you left I came over
And we peeled the freckles from our shoulders
Our brand new coats so flushed and pink
And I knew your heart I couldn't win
Cause the season's change was a conduit
And we'd left our love in our summer skin

"Summer Skin" by Death Cab for Cutie.
Such a beautiful song.

April 13, 2011

I'm a mathematical genius!

I'd write a better blog post, but I know I should be focusing on this. If you click on the video and see it's calculus and run screaming from room, come back! At least fast forward to 2:35 and listen for the next few seconds. It's hard to explain, but it made me LOL.

I've noticed a trend of getting lower A's or high B's on all my tests, regardless of subject. I'm not sure why. Is the work getting harder? Am I studying less?

And I am officially boring.

April 12, 2011


Today was another incredibly relaxed day at school. I spent half my extended art period studying for my AICE Biology exam and the other half trying to finish my glass mosaic. Which reminds me, I submitted a photograph of my mixed media homeless man turned veteran homeless man for a patriotic art contest and won third!

What else happened today? Well, we watched a video about bullfighting in Spanish, reminisced about the 90s in Biology, and, most notably, played Scrabble in physics. 'Twas super fun; mainly because we beat our teacher and upset him, as clearly seen below.
My friend Kaitlin drew these potatoes on the board. The one on the left is Sailor Moon and the one on the right is a panda. It's an elaborate inside joke, but let's just say potatoes, (well, especially mashed), are beloved in our physics class.
Towards the end, rather than just admit defeat, our teacher came up with the word Garageinline, defining it as when you have a garage and your neighbor has a garage and they are both in line. Oh, he's so clever.

April 11, 2011

"It's levi-ooh-sa, not levi-o-saa."

Today my physics class was extended until lunch. It sounds awful, but it was truly sweetawesome. We made delicious s'mores using Bunsen burners then watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I fell in love with Oilver Wood again, Regina quoted practically the entire thing and Puja and I made plans to go to Wizarding World after our last AICE exam in June.

In English, I took a quiz then joined the seven other kids in the class and watched Toy Story 3, adding to my already pretty awesome day. In math we learned a chapter yet enough time was left towards the end of class so we watched Stephen Colbert's rendition of "Friday".

History was boring because I had to write an essay, and art we just sat in the auditorium talking. I've decided riding the bus is completely unbearable without my iPod.

My goals for this week? Not to procrastinate on my history glossary and to ace both my math tests. Ha, yeah, I'll let you know how that goes.

Talk to you tomorrow!

April 10, 2011

In rainbows.

I could seriously watch this video hundreds of times and never get tired of it.

Well, now that tennis season is over I can better stay involved in my other extra curricular activities. I haven't been to chess club at all this semester! I bet my Senior Guys will pretend they don't know who I am when I show up. That is if we have it this Tuesday. Monday and Tuesday are technically half days because the underclassmen take total blegh (FCAT) and the upperclassmen find any reason not to be at school. And, after this Tuesday, there are hardly any Tuesdays left in the school year. I'm not ready to give my senior friends parting hugs at graduation! Fortunately a lot are attending in-state universities so it won't be too heart-wrenching. Let's be honest, I didn't cry when either of my brothers graduated. At least not that I recall.

Have a good week!

April 09, 2011

On to the next one.

I've picked out a few important dates in the future I thought I'd share. Hey, it's better than me talking for paragraphs about my Saturday spent eating too much junk food and watching Parenthood.

This movie coming out in seven days. (It may be a film where only a history buff will enjoy it, but I don't mind. Perhaps then I'll even go see it with Patricia!)
April 27th, the day I take the ACT.
May 23rd, my last day as a junior in high school.

I still want to rent Black Swan and various other movies now being released to DVD. It's a shame the nearest Blockbuster shut down. As a result I've tried to convince my mom it's time to switch to Netflix yet she continues to stay her ground. One day I will win.

April 08, 2011

Florals for spring.

Is it obvious I love these floral shorts I bought from Forever 21?

As my junior year has gone on, I've become increasingly more aware of fashion. This is not a bad thing, except for perhaps my wallet. I used to not put much effort into what I wore, but in my mind it's become important to look my best to feel my best. I still don't wear make-up mainly because it seems like such an unneeded burden. Also, and I hope I'm not the only one who thinks this, that once you wear make-up you can't go back without looking different, and well, not put together? Does that make any sense?

This past week goes in the running for one of the craziest. Monday did not feel like a Monday and then Tuesday and Wednesday for the district tennis tournament could've been the weekend. I wrote about winning my #4 singles quarterfinal match (6-0, 6-3) on Tuesday and that was certainly a high point. When I started my semifinal match at 9:30 at night, however, I wasn't too surprised to lose (1-6, 0-6). Since I lost to the girl who ended up winning 1st in the position of #4 singles, I think I am 3rd overall? It's cliche, but it doesn't really matter to me if I won or not. I didn't cry nor forfeit a match. (Our #1 singles player forfeited her quarterfinal after throwing her racket. Ordinarily it's just a one point penalty but she ran off the court.) It was all about the experience. There's always next year.

My toothpick bridge was a partial success! It held 1,000 grams which awarded me 22 points. This was only one event of several that are a part of something called fizicks phollies in physics class. For instance, I also made paper airplanes, a spool toule, a balloon racer and a container for an egg drop. Depending on your finish in each of the events, you are given a certain number of points. If the teacher takes the best four scores to make a test grade, you ideally want 25 in each event to get a 100. I managed an 89 and I am extremely proud. I put in a lot of hardwork these past few days. Still, I should've done more over spring break. It would've saved me a lot of hassle.

Have a stupendous weekend!

April 07, 2011

Time is fleeting.

I only have a matter of minutes to write this. Surprise, surprise. But, look! I'm on a computer. Tomorrow --thankfully -- is Saturday, and I may have some time to, y'know, breathe. I've had to redo my toothpick bridge (the glue is drying as I write) because my first attempt was terrible. Of course I, the talented person I am, managed to get gorilla glue on my hands, arms, and legs(!?) last night while slaving over it so I am shedding skin like a snake. We need not even mention the nose sunburn from Wednesday. I look like that one camp counselor from Holes. What's his name? Not Mr. Sir, but the other guy whose skinny and spineless. Yeah, him.

Anyway, thank you everyone for continuing to comment and give me encouraging words. Oh, and thanks also for tracking down my lost entry! I done goofed.

April 06, 2011

Tennis districts: part two.

silly me exited out of my phone browser too quickly so the post i wrote yesterday during tennis districts is forever lost in cyberspace. it was a good entry, too. oh, right, i can not type out contrations or use an exclamation mark on my phone. lame me cannot get on the computer without a dragon lady telling me i need to finish my bridge for physics. ah, this is agonizing. i will talk to you soon. and when i say soon i mean tomorrow. that is if i have not died of exhaustion. the jury is still out.

April 05, 2011

Tennis districts: part one.

i am currently writing this on my phone hence the lowercase I. i cannot seem to capitalize my sentences. you might wonder why i am doing this but i am still at the tennis courts and will be until ten. erg, i cannot even put numbers, or contractions...or exclamation points? this is strange. anyhow, the lights have just turned on and i want to watch our number one player play her semifinal match, now. oh, and i won my quarterfinal (six love, six three). yeah. i am so dedicated to beda.

April 04, 2011


I have so little time to write a proper post. Please settle for little today; sleep is my number one priority right now. I can forget finishing my toothpick bridge for physics, I want to be well rested. I will sacrifice the one night. At least I still won't be doing it the night before. It's only Monday, right?

Wish me luck for tennis districts!

April 03, 2011

You should go procreate with yourself.

Today marks the last day of my 2011 spring break. I had too few adventures, but I think this summer will make up for it. (SCOTLAND?!) Unlike I'd originally hoped, I couldn't take a trip to the beach today. Once again, summer should be what this spring was not.

My day consisted of:
  • making and test flying paper airplanes -- one even stayed in flight for a whole five seconds
  • constructing a toothpick bridge
  • the cycle of logging on and off of Facebook (don't even pretend you don't know what I'm talking about.)
  • working on history booknotes
  • watching YouTube videos
  • creating an aluminum foil container for an egg to be used in an egg drop
That is all I have to say so watch this video and be amused!

*Edit: Whoa. Sorry. Dunno why the embedding is so strange. Click here to watch it on YouTube.

April 02, 2011

Awake my soul.

Taken by Emilia back in December.

I'm trying to justify my laziness these past few days. My first argument is that it's spring break and break, according to dictionary.com is -- holy shizwits, there are 122 definitions -- okay, as defined in this case: a brief rest, as from work. And goodness knows I've been in need of it. Sadly, a toothpick bridge won't build itself nor will math integrate itself, so this whole break thing? Yeah, it's a bust.

Tennis districts begins in two days. I'm trying not to be a nervous wreck and just remember to have fun. Interesting how now that I've become super competitive I get more emotional during practices and matches. I've already cried in front of my whole team. Twice.

I finally put something in my moleskine. Nothing fancy, though. Not yet.
I really, really, really, REALLY want to go to the beach. I have so many ideas for neat pictures to take there. It'd be better with friends, but perhaps if the weather is nice I can convince my mom to go.

Have a marvelous weekend!

April 01, 2011

The milky way.

While NaNoWriMo was an absolute failure, I think I can manage blogging every day in April. Writer Maureen Johnson started this event, (acronym-ed BEDA) and I'm determined to participate like I did last year despite all the things I must deal with this month,
including taking the ACT and FCAT Science.

Tennis practice has been canceled twice due to the hurricane-like weather. Yes, as my luck would have it, spring break would turn gloomy and force me to stay indoors. Normally I would not complain seeing as I can easily spend hours on the internet, but I want to even out my tan and soak up some vitamin D.

Wednesday I went and drank hot cocoa with Emilia at the bookstore. I always have a lovely time with her.

Yesterday Nikki came over and we hung out for the first time since November. We played Just Dance 2, watched Monsters Vs. Aliens and just generally had a splendid rainy afternoon. I love my best friend to bits.

I refuse to acknowledge that my spring break ends soon. My sleeping pattern is so messed up.