June 29, 2011

Movies I want to see.

I've been compiling a list of movies I want to see. This is what I have so far:

1.) Transformers 3. While I will acknowledge that every movie in this franchise has gotten progressively worse, seeing these movies in the cinema with my best friend has become a tradition. And you don't mess with tradition. Or is that Texas?

2.) One Day. One word: Scotland. I'm not sure how I feel about Jane Hathaway's Scottish accent, but since I still re-watch Becoming Jane and don't seem to mind her English accent, to not see it for that reason would be highly hypocritical, right? Besides, a cute guy (I always want to call him Jude Law because he played a Jude in Across the Universe, but it is most definitely Jim Sturgess) in the male lead role. Now I really can't complain, can I?

3.) 50/50. Unlike the other two aforementioned movies, I'm not sure this has gotten any buzz. However, thanks to my creepy expert skills with using IMdB.com, I learned about this project almost a year ago when my man James McAvoy was cast to play the lead. Obviously if you watch the trailer, though, you'll realize someone else took his spot; and, like me, you may not be too upset.

4.) The Art of Getting By. I've probably watched this trailer more times than I care to admit, and thus am a little put off by it. That said, I'm less inclined to take a trip to the theater and would much rather enjoy it on DVD. I'm not trying to say it will be terrible, I just think my money could be better spent.

5.) Beginners. If we can forget about Aaron Carter, Ewan McGregor was my first celebrity crush. (Obi-Wan Kenobi, ftw!) I think this movie looks well-made, has beautiful cinematography, and contains a sentimental story. In other words, it's not another Adam Sandler movie or any other unoriginal Hollywood "summer movie."

6.) Drive. I stumbled across the trailer for this and decided it would probably be a good thriller. Ryan Gosling probably gives a believable performance and yeah. I don't have any other preconceived notions. Really, I don't.

7.) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two. Oh my god; I originally forgot to include this until Strawberry mentioned it! Probably because in my mind it's not just a movie, it is an international event. Anyone who has been reading my blog for a while knows I'm not a huge fan, but I appreciate the well-deserved craze surrounding these brilliant books and movies. On top of that, my friends will undoubtedly ask me to go and I'd be crazy to say no.

I'm curious, what movies do you want to see?

June 26, 2011

What you waiting for?

I think I'm fulfilling the prophecy I made: that summer 2011 will be what spring 2011 was not. What can I say? I love adventures.

This past Tuesday Emilia and I went bowling. Both she and I had coupons for two free games so that made the trip all the more worthwhile. After we bowled perfect 300s, (ha ha ha) we talked for a bit and decided that we need to go to the beach pronto. It's summer and I haven't been once. Sad face.

On Wednesday I met up with an old friend at Starbucks. We discussed how our lives had changed over the past three years and how our lives will continue to change. Kelly has a kindred soul and serves as a reminder that there are like-minded people in the world. I needn't feel so alone. She and I will probably have a photoshoot before the summer is over.

I've thought a great deal about investing in a DSLR camera. At the moment, though, many things are much more important, like studying for A Level Biology and applying to college. I may also sign up for a photography class at the community college before I spend the $600+ on something I may not understand fully how to use. Being able to sell some prints of photos I've already taken would be icing on the cake.

I've still been going to tennis practice in addition to everything else. I am usually the only girl and only senior there. Oh well, playing against the guys has its advantages. For instance, I'm learning how to be a more aggressive player. Don't worry, they said the beard I'm growing is just a side effect for all the testosterone coursing through my body.

I think that's it. Have a spectacular week, everyone!

June 20, 2011

We watch things on VCRs.

My life is awesome.

Have you ever met someone and instantly became friends with them? Well, that's what happened with my friend Simaya and I. We exchanged fewer than 20 words before we followed each other on Tumblr, added each other on Facebook and said hi in the halls. We had never hung out outside the realm of school before so we went to the mall on Friday. Our conversation flowed effortlessly as we wandered around. I introduced her to John Green, insisting she read his novels. Two hours sped by and I was sad to say goodbye. Fortunately, that was only the first of our many adventures to come.

I documented my outfit of the day as well.
tank -- Target, cardigan -- Goodwill, skirt -- F21, shoes -- art teacher, necklace -- F21, rings -- F21, watch -- Kohl's.

Saturday morning I had tennis practice. I can feel my muscles tightening again after a few months of inactivity. Plus my serves are improving. I cannot complain.

Saturday afternoon I went to a matinee showing of Super 8 with my brother and a bunch of friends. If I had to classify them, they're my class of 2010 friends (no pun intended). Thanks to Academic Team and various other venues, I've grown to know them; so while they're still my brother's friends, I fit in just fine and I love that. The movie had its moments. It made me laugh a fair amount, the acting was good, but that doesn't mean I'd see it again. I'll be finishing a proper review of it on mix tape when I'm done writing this.

After the movie we goofed off in Books-A-Million. We looked at various board games and eventually settled into palm reading where hilarity ensued. I opted to just listening to what all the lines signified and photographing the event.
Afterwards we headed over to Moe's southwest grill. I ate these yummy vegetarian nachos as we engaged in amusing conversation.
I told everyone to smile so naturally 4/5 purposefully didn't.

Father's Day was relaxing. I spent most of the day completing a Nancy Drew computer game with my brother, 'cause I'm cool like that.

I hope everyone has a great week!

June 17, 2011

Grape is not my flavor.

I'm not sure why I decided to make this video, but I did.
Do you like Skittles?
If so, what kind (sour, regular, etc.) is your favorite?
Your favorite flavor?

June 15, 2011

It's more a question of feeling.

I was inspired by Julia to share what's in my bag. So here goes nothing.
F21 Messenger style bag, my Motorola droid (cell phone), Blistex 'external analgesic' (which sounds so wrong), cherry softlips lip protectant, panda compact, F21 floral sunglasses case, white F21 sunglasses, Belk floral wallet and Office Depot zippered pencil case (it unzips completely!)
Not pictured: My camera. Hmm...I wonder why?

Up until this year I never used to carry a purse. They were always too much of a hassle! But since I actually go out more nowadays, the need for one arose. And I caved. And I made this post. What's in your bag?

Now I'm going to go play Nancy Drew with my brother. Don't hate.

June 13, 2011

No reason.

This past week was magnificent.

Monday I had a final biology study session with Puja. Since I was already at the library, I couldn't resist checking out books, namely Everything Is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer. I can't wait to read it after Water For Elephants. What good books have you read lately?

Afterwards, Emilia and I went "thrifting" at a collectibles/antique type shop. Thrifting is in quotation marks because we essentially just started pointing out absurd items, laughing and taking pictures of them. Here are a few that really made us laugh.
On the other side of this doll was a woman.

The creepiest figurine.

A trophy that allowed you to change what it was for; Emilia just wanted to be Coolest Cat.

I started summer tennis conditioning Monday evening. That particular night I played a set against an incoming freshman who, despite her age, is quite good. Plus, she's super nice and is enrolling in the Cambridge program. I'm looking forward to the season already.

Tuesday I took my last AICE exam for the year. Now I'm officially, officially a senior! I thought I did really well except that I messed up one question about malaria and cholera. I should've gone with my gut answer, dangit. Regardless, as a celebration, that afternoon I went and saw X-Men: First Class again with Puja, Regina, Aniesa and Andrea. If you haven't seen this movie, I suggest you read my review of it and decide to go, 'cause it's a solid summer blockbuster. To top the day off, I savored a delicious strawberry ice cream, complete with real strawberries, from Coldstone.
Why must the heat melt ice cream?
Also, this is actually the ticket stub from when I went with Nikki. Whoop-sie-daisy.

My week was off to a great start so Wednesday was no exception. I attended Bad Movie Day, an event hosted by my brother's best friend. We watched Rubber, The Creeping Terror and Plan 9 From Outer Space. The latter two were only enjoyable because the versions we saw contained hilarious commentary. Otherwise, we probably could've never sat through such torture.

The past four days have been relatively busy. I've gone on bike rides (hence the two videos I shared,) organized my room better, planned future adventures, played more tennis and read.
These are from my trip to the park on Thursday.

Regina remarked about wanting new photos so I happily volunteered to have a photoshoot with her on Saturday. We wandered around trails near a park and randomly stopped so she could pose. I always appreciate feedback on my photography so feel free to leave it.
I hope everyone has a lovely week.

June 09, 2011

Let's take a bike ride.

I essentially copied Issac and made a video of me biking to a nearby park.
I apologize if you get motion sickness.
I tried my best not to make it wobble, I promise.

I hope everyone is having a superb summer or acing their finals.

June 05, 2011

I want you back.

While I have the review power points for biology open, it remains a neglected box on my computer's toolbox. If only it were the thought that counted. Instead, I have successfully squandered the few measly hours I've been conscious today by unnecessarily editing photo albums on Facebook, checking Flickr obsessively for new stunning photographs taken by my friend Karen, and randomly following my brother around the house whenever he emerges from the abyss of his room.

Today definitely pales in comparison to yesterday, though.

After not being able to fall asleep Friday night, I awoke Saturday morning in a frenzy because I was worried I had slept through my alarm. It was a rash theory easily disproven by the fact that I just leaped like a gazelle to silence its obnoxious "EHHH-EHHH-EHHH" noise that, for me, is comparable to nails on chalkboards. My fear wasn't irrational, I've have had instances where I did, in fact, fail to set my alarm properly. Namely this past December when I slept through my Physics midterm and swore like an inebriated sailor all the way to the attendance office.

Potential crisis averted, I went to take the SAT. My particular testing site was unorganized, to say the least. We started the test at 9:00 instead of 8:00, much to the chagrin of almost everyone there. I'm eternally grateful I wore a watch; there was not a clock in sight. Perhaps it meant nothing to her, or she's some supersmart genius, but the girl to my left was always done before time was called. I know, I know. That is one of those things I shouldn't be paying attention to while I'm still working.

Easily the best part of the whole otherwise miserable experience was seeing my best friend. She attends a different high school than I and we are both license-less making it difficult to hangout.

Five hours later, we went to go see X-Men: First Class at the theater and it was absolutely fantastic. I loved the movie and its cast. I predict the red-haired Banshee will have a long career ahead of him, not just as a Rupert Grint lookalike. Of course I thought James McAvoy was brilliant and audibly gasped and physically flailed my arms when *spoiler, but not really* his character got shot. I thought the effects were pretty cool and all, even if I generally do not enjoy the summer blockbuster genre. And perhaps I'm a complete psycho for doing so, but I took home my popcorn bag and cup because they double as souvenirs. That's not weird, is it?
You see that old lady on her cell phone in the background?
I bet she's a spy.

With my heart incredibly full of love and adventure, I braved babysitting. I've grown to know this certain family for four years now, so in a lot of ways I'm like an older sister to the aging boys. Familiarity, however, has arguably made my job both easier and more difficult. For example, the addition of a dog to the household in the past year has definitely complicated matters. I think the dog causes more mayhem then the boys combined! This "puppy" can open unlocked doors and trash compactors and will wait to do so when I have to be reading a good night story to the kids. A dubious one, she is.

Yesterday night was like normal and once they drifted off to sleep, I got comfortable on the couch. I found X-Men 2 on TV and, bemused, I began watching the final ten minutes of it and then X-Men: The Last Stand came on and I watched that until I literally passed out.

All that considered, it was a very sweetawesome day.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's time I go get lost in a young Pierce Brosnan's dreamy, piercing blue eyes (pun intended).