July 29, 2011


In the famous words of Slim Shady: I'm back, back again.

As I write this, I am sitting outside in the shade listening to an army of crickets chirp, eating banana nut cheerios straight out of the box and drinking the ever-healthy mountain dew. Try not to be too envious.

During the past 17 days, in no particular order, I've...

Started and maintained a 365 project. Cleaned my room considerably. Gotten on the mailing list for 20 different colleges. Pre-ordered The Fault in Our Stars. Sent my package to Nicola and received her package to me. Played and beat the video game Silent Hill 2 with Zack and Kyle. Seen Winnie the Pooh (for $4!) with Kai. Learned to ride the public bus. Sent letters to Amy and Natalie. Stressed out over college and senior year. Finished reading Order of the Phoenix and started The Half Blood Prince in an effort to finish the book series before I see Deathly Hallows Part 2. Thanks to a blogger friend on turntable the other night, had this song stuck in my head. Gossiped, played Apples to Apples, watched Rubber and laughed until I cried at Regina's 17th birthday party. Ordered, but have not been allowed to open*, my first DSLR camera (a Canon EOS Rebel T3!) Gone school supplies shopping. And, last but not least, considered opening an etsy shop.

I have less than two weeks before school starts again, which means that I have less than two weeks to get my permit. In case you forgot, you can get your permit at 15 in Florida...and I turn 17 in approximately two months.

*I struck a deal with my mom. Completed college applications in exchange for the camera. Ooh, she's clever. (A few minutes ago) *door bell rings* "OH MY GOD! I THINK THAT'S MY CAMERA!!"

So, what have you been up to, friends?

July 12, 2011

We never change, do we?

I watched the last space shuttle launch ever on July 8th. Its profoundness was lessened, however, when the clouds obscured any view of it. Only two days later, when my dad returned from visiting family in New Hampshire, did I receive a space shuttle chocolate pop (pictured above) and could pretend like it was the real deal. Like I hadn't missed witnessing history firsthand and like I hadn't had to resort to a live broadcast on the television, viewable to all.

I feel like that day was the closest I will ever come to understanding the emotion that everyone in the Harry Potter fandom will experience July 15th. Believe it or not, ten years of my life have ended too.

I know no one really cares about my "fandom", though.

And why should you?

It just feels strange; strange to be, in part, alienated from a community, the Internet, that I turned to when I was feeling alienated from my real life. That said, I don't begrudge the fervent love for Harry Potter nor do I expect anyone to downplay the significance of this final movie release. It's a big 'effin deal. As a result, I'm just choosing to spend less time on the computer and more time reading, purging and creating. At least until things have calmed down.

So is this my elaborate way of saying I'm taking a hiatus from the Internet?

Well, no. Not exactly.

Because like any addiction, you can't just quit cold turkey and be successful. Instead, it's going to be a gradual departure from all the various sites I love dear. I will probably still post and actively check Facebook for the next week. My progress will be slow at first. I know this.

Please don't think the Harry Potter craziness was the only reason for this decision. And please don't think I'm just using it as an excuse to leave. I love all my blogging friends so much, which is why this is gonna be hard.

My decision is based mainly on the fact that I have less than a month until school starts again. Yes, less than a month! This means I have less time to complete college applications like I promised I would, less free time to go on adventures and less time to relax.

I'm simply running out of time.

So for now my priorities are to finish Nicola's package, to finally update my Moleskine and to read the books on my AICE English Lit list.

See you on the flip side.

July 09, 2011

The Red Hen and the Bald Eagle.

Unless you know a little background about my grandparents, this claymation will seem very bizarre. The main characters are my grandfather and grandmother as the bald eagle and the red hen respectively. These are nicknames they've given themselves, mind you. Instead of just grampy, or grammy, they will sign cards with their bird persona. It's just clever, cute and fitting since my grandfather is bald, and my grandmother has red hair. It's also helpful to know that my grampy loves the red sox and my grammy loves knitting, hence, well, you'll see. Plus, they refer to their home as the Thimble Cottage. Hopefully this clears up any confusion you may have.

While the quality is not where I'd want it to be at, this is the first claymation I've ever done, and I'm eager to do another. Enjoy!

July 06, 2011

Crap in disguise.

To celebrate Puja's 17th birthday, Puja, Regina, and I went to see Transformers 3. My honest opinion about the movie? IT SUCKED. Sure, I enjoyed the company of the people I saw it with, but the movie really annoyed me. Especially its errors in continuity. For example, in the major battle scenes Carly's shoes keep changing from heels to ballet flats to heels again. Perhaps I was expecting too much from a film franchise that had already proved to just be tolerable at best. Still, I wanted to walk away with a little shred of dignity, y'know? Instead, I sat for two hours to watch robots battle inexplicably, women be exploited sexually, and actors act terribly. Seriously, I would demand my money back if it wasn't already on Puja's dime.
/end rant

Afterwards (at what appears to be midnight according to the pictures) we gave Puja her presents. I wish I could've topped my gift from last year...
Today I had my senior pictures taken. Fortunately, there was little hassle and I think they'll turn out nice, or at least nice enough. I've come to terms with the fact that, no matter how hard I try, professional pictures will probably never portray the way I perceive myself in the mirror. I know; I'm strange.

This rainy weather has given me a headache.

Have a good rest of your week, everyone!

July 03, 2011

I'm gonna give all my secrets away.

After accepting I may never get my final junior year report card, I went to get it last week. I made all A's for the last quarter and all A's for the second semester! I am insanely pleased with my efforts to excel during my rigorous junior year in addition to being uber involved and playing varsity tennis. I learned my FCAT science scores too. I passed at "above grade level" and honestly that test makes no difference to me, it's all about the school's prestige.

Coverage of the infamous Casey Anthony trial significantly hindered my ability to watch Wimbledon. Luckily, I tuned in right at championship point between Nadal and Djokovic. I'm sure it was a very compelling match from the start.

The rain has hindered my chances of hanging out with friends/leaving the house too. Fortunately, and as my status as a blogger would suggest, I could successfully occupy myself with indoor activities. The one day I did manage to escape, however, I got my hair cut and went to the grocery store. Oh, boy. The grocery store. Well, is it everyday you see this? I've debated setting up a collective fun to buy it for either Regina and Puja whose birthdays are both this month. I'm pretty sure both would die of happiness, eat it, then die of happiness again. Especially given the date. (12 DAYS.)
I also realized just how wide a selection of orange juice there is. I mean, that's almost the length of an entire slanted wall. #floridianproblems
All that aside, I've spent the past few days working diligently on a claymation to celebrate my grandparents' 30th anniversary and my grandmother's 70th birthday! The final version will make its debut at a surprise party on the 5th so I won't share it with the internet just yet.

I almost completely forgot that tomorrow's Independence Day. What are your plans, fellow Americans? I'm not sure I'm doing anything special.

Have a great week, everyone!